Today I had my favorite blogger & fitness professional (and sister) do a guest blog for me. My sis, Jill Coleman runs JillFit, and is an AWESOME mentor for me, so I was so happy when she offered to do a guest blog for CB. Here it is! I know you all will enjoy it.


Fast Fat Loss?

Jill Coleman, JillFit Physiques


Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Though it is not optimal, it is quite possible to lose inches and weight quickly in anticipation of an event or vacation, i.e. Spring Break. At College, it can be tough to know what to do and what to avoid if you want to lose a few l-bs before break, considering the challenges of unhealthy food choices, late nights, exams that are sure to stress you out and the socializing that usually accompanies that stress.


However, if you are serious about stepping up your fitness and fat loss game to look and feel good on the beach, there are several steps you can take.


Exercise Tips:

1)     Plan out your workouts for the week. Schedule a time each day that you will get to the gym, put it in your planner and stick to it. In order to step up your game, I recommend 6 days a week, giving yourself 1 full day of rest each week.

2)     Be sure to exercise intensely, as that is more important than duration. For example, 20 minutes of track sprints is a lot more effective than a 60-minute stroll on the elliptical trainer.

3)     Lift weights, but don’t power lift (i.e. long rest periods, and sets in the 1-6 rep range). Power lifting will not get you lean. Instead, opt for 4 sets of 8-12 reps for volume, with 30-90 seconds rest in between sets.


Nutrition tips:

1)     Cut back on the obvious college crap—chips, dips, candy, pizza, burgers, fries, beer, booze, ice cream, etc. If it’s an obvious “I know I shouldn’t be having this food” try to abstain. Doesn’t mean you can’t have it ever, just keep it to one day per week to minimize the damage. The more you can do this, the more your body will respond.

2)     Increase veggies and water. Increasing greens like broccoli, asparagus, salad greens, celery, cucumbers, spinach, green beans, etc while also increasing water (ideally to 3-4 L per day) helps to shed subcutaneously, stripping that water sheen that exists under the skin, so that more definition and cuts can be seen in your physique. Shoot for 5-6 cups veggies a day. Steer clear of starchy veggies like potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, etc.

3)     Count bites of starch. This is a technique borrowed from Metabolic Effect, and it is effective in decreasing insulin surges as a result of huge, high-carb meals. For best results, take 5 bites (doesn’t matter how big J) of starch at each meal only.


For even more results and more specifics broken down, check out College’s Body Spring Break Body Book—very in-depth with specific meal plans, 28 gym workouts, and additional tips for getting the your best beach results.


New Nasty Chest Workout!

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Hey guys, I have been getting a TON of emails from people asking for spring break workouts! So I am putting together a COMPLETE diet & exercise program to get you guys looking REAL good by the time SB rolls around. I just wanted to put up a quick post giving you a sample of what the workouts are like. Below is the workout for Week 1, Day 1. These workouts are NO JOKE, but designed to get you looking lean & sexy really fast. Try it out and let me know what you think!


Look out for the CB 4-week Spring Break Plan to drop by the end of the week!!!


Day 1:

Barbell Bench Press 4×10 HEAVY set
Push-ups Failure

*After you complete this superset take a one minute rest & repeat FOUR times.

Box Jumps 10
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 10
Box Jumps 9
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 9
Box Jumps 8
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 8
Box Jumps 7
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 7
Box Jumps 6
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 6
Box Jumps 5
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 5
Box Jumps 4
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 4
Box Jumps 3
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 3
Box Jumps 2
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 2
Box Jumps 1
Inclined Push-up (on Box) 1
  • Rest 3:00 minutes after you complete this
Dips 10 11:00
Burpees (Chain-up Push-up @bottom) Chain-up to 6 PU  *Chain up = Burpee w/ 1 PU, Burpee w/ 2 PU, Burpee w/3 PU, etc.
Sit-ups 15
Slow, leisure walk 20:00-30:00

A couple weeks ago I put out the “Nice Butt” Workout, but I am getting a lot emails & request for MORE butt workouts. I guess everybody just wants real tight buns.. So here is another one for you guys to try. Let me know what you think!

Walking Lunge/Squat/Lunge 6 lunges/leg (do squat in b/t each lunge) See How many rounds you can complete in 15 minutes
Swiss Ball Leg Curls 10
Squat/Squat Jump (W/Dumbbells) Alternating until you get 10 Squats/10 Sq Jumps

Good Luck!

Squat (With Heavy DB) 10 Reps
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds
Squat 9
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds
Squat 8
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds
Squat 7
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds
Squat 6
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds
Squat 5
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds
Squat 4
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds
Squat 3
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds
Squat 2
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds
Squat 1
Pulse Squat (at bottom) 10 Seconds

*2-4 Times

Leg Curls 3×10

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The more I blog, the more I enjoy it. It is a good way to put my random thoughts down, and you guys have given me some awesome feedback . A couple goals I set for myself in 2012 for my blog were 1) Increase its popularity 2) Blog more regularly & 3) Turn it into a complete “college lifestyle” blog. One of those “college lifestyle” blogs I wanted to write about was relationships/dating. I am FASCINATED with people interactions with one anther, how people think, and all that and where are new relationships more prevalent than a college campus? Students on college campuses are constantly experimenting, figuring out their likes/dislikes, dating, and forming new relationships.

Some of you may enjoy my knowledge & point of view of all this stuff & others may be thinking “Just shut up & post workouts, Dan” which is cool too.. But I think most of you will enjoy these type blogs! Don’t all you ladies out there want to know how us dudes think? Why we do/say what we do? What is going through our minds during a certain conversation?

My Friend Luisa & I 🙂

As a guy, I DEFINITELY have an interest in how women think. I’m not going to lie I am a little bit of a flirt, I really enjoy talking and hanging out with women & going on dates, so of course I am going to want to know how females think to get an edge over other dudes. I just finished reading this book called “The Female Brain” (don’t judge) and learned a TON of information of how women think & why they do some of the things they do.

So today, I wanted to write a blog for all my female followers out there on how to dudes think, and how to get an edge on other girls. I know that there is a stereotype that all us dudes think about is sex…. and that is true.. I mean our testosterone levels are through the roof, and we can’t help it! So don’t take it personally.. Below I listed my top 5 characteristics in girls that will make us dudes look past just tryin to “get on it” and actually make us want to spend time with you, have a conversation, or form a relationship.

1) Confidence: Yep, that number one thing that is most appealing to you girls when a guy approaches you is the same for us. Look, we ALL have our own insecurities that we have to deal with, but if you don’t like yourself how can we like you? If you constantly put yourself down looking for us to “pick up your self-esteem” we can’t hang out for long. Like my boy Kat Williams says, “’s called SELF-esteem..” you can’t rely on anybody else to help your confidence but YOU.

2)Intelligence: It is hard to generalize for ALL males, but definitely for me, a chick with no brains is a serious red flag.. Not necessarily a rocket scientist, but a girl who has multiple interests, and talk about a variety of things. If all we talk about is what your girlfriend Cindy said to HER boyfriend Chad my mind is going to wonder off to football, and what I am going to eat for lunch. “Want to be more interesting? Develop more interests”.

3) Sense Of Humor: Yes, that chick Chelsea Handler is VERY funny, and that is an attractive trait, but that is not the only thing I mean when I say sense of humor. If a girl laughs at my jokes, or can dish a couple back, that is a definitely somebody I want to hang around. Something about not taking shit too seriously is a positive.

4) Independence: All of you ladies that have your own thing going on keep doing what you are doing! If you NEED a boyfriend, or have no interests/opinions of you’re own that is not that most appealing thing. If you agree with everything I say I am going to lose interest real fast.

5) Ambition: This is another trait that women like in men, correct? Well guess what, we also like a girl with ambition. If you have goals or work hard towards something, that is a BIG turn on. Again, this is my opinion, but I am sure most other dudes would agree in that a girl whom wants to do some stuff in her life is way more appealing than the alternative.

Again, it is tough to generalize & say ALL guys look for these things or whatever, but honestly girls, you don’t want a dude who doesn’t want these things from you.

These are all things that we ALL can improve on, but it takes some work. I hope this helps you ladies to know that yeah, we are thinking about your body, but we do notice other things too! Let me know what you look for in a girl or guy in a comment below or at

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Spring break is still about two months away, but the preparation process has already started. People are already forming their groups to go with and vacation locations. The one thing that pretty much all of us have in common is we want to have that tight “Spring Break Bod”, so people are already hitting the gym shaping their bodies for one of the best beach weeks of the year for college students. So here are College Body’s tips & tricks so the Spring Break Body you want!

1) Replace ALL Grains/Starchy Foods with Fruits (less sweet) & Veggies: MOST importantly eliminate cereal & sandwiches especially because these are two of the top things found in university dining halls. Replace cereals with protein shakes, and sandwiches with salads. If you MUST have starches in your diet then eat them ONLY in the morning or post-workout. This is not an “eat-this-not-that” type thing meaning choosing whole grain bread over white bread or brown rice over white rice is not acceptable.

2) Eliminate Alcohol: This is probably the most difficult of the three tips for a lot of college students who like to wine down the week with a Saturday night cocktail . I know it can be difficult to go to a party or a bar and just hang out & not have a drink when everybody around you is doing it. However, if you want one of the best bodies in Gulf Shores this is an essential tip to follow. If you must drink, pick one night a week to do it, and dont combine with fat/sugar. So that means no late night pizza when you are a little tipsy Friday night. Also, if you do drink one night a week try to drink one tall glass of water for every cocktail you have; even if it’s at the end of the night when you get home.

3) SIX days/week of Mixed Metabolic Conditioning: This is short duration high intensity exercise (~30 minutes) using Rest-Based Training. After ~30 minutes of high intensity exercise, go on a slow paced leisure walk around campus. The high intensity exercise releases fat from the cell, and the slow walk post workout may help assure that none of the fat released gets restored. Below is an example of what a mixed Metabolic Conditioning workout may look like:

Bench Press 4×10 Superset with 1-2 min rest in b/t sets
Squat Jumps 90 seconds
Push-ups 5 minute strait set Use RBT
Burpee/Push-up/Curl/Press 5 minutes *Metabolic Chain-up

*Chain-up means to add on a rep to the push-up, curl, and press every time. For example:

  • Burpee/1 Push-up/1 Curl/1 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/2 Push-up/2 Curl/2 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/3 Push-up/3 Curl/3 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/4 Push-up/4 Curl/4 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/5 Push-up/5 Curl/5 Shoulder Press

And if you get up to five, start back over at 1 rep. Make sense?

These are very strict & difficult rules to follow for the next two months, but for those of you who can stick to these 3 rules will be looking REAL good by the time spring break rolls through. ALSO, don’t miss the “4-Weeks to the Best Spring Break Body” plan coming out soon!

My “Day in the Life” blogs seem to get a lot of positive feedback for some reason, so I figured I was due for another one. For most college students around the U.S. this is the last week of vacation before classes start. Going into my little “winter break” I weighed 197 lbs, and was looking SUPER fly (I thought so anyway..) when I checked myself out in my bathroom mirror. My energy was high, my confidence was nice, my brain was sharp (from all the books I have been reading), and I was feeling good. I left NC to visit my Grandparents in New York on Christmas Eve, and then went home to Texas for a week to visit with family & friends. When I took my vacation I shut down completely.

Instead of eating oatmeal or eggs in the mornings, I ate French Toast & waffles. My dinner turned from Steak & Asparagus to those DiGiorno frozen pizzas (with stuffed crust, soooo good), and instead of a casein shake before bed I would crush a bag of chips…. with dip…. As for my workouts? Pretty much non existent.. I attempted a couple pathetic workouts at home, but my energy was so low I just called it quits & put in a couple hours of Sportscenter.

I DEFINITELY enjoyed myself though. I had a party with my Mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, and party with my Dad’s side Christmas night. THEN I threw a party at my house in Texas for New Years! I am always down for a good party, but it definitely took a toll on my body and mind..

Here was a sample day of my vacation..

12:00pm Wake up

12:05pm Drink a cup of coffee

12:11pm Pick up book

12:12pm Put book down

12:13pm See whats up in the sports world

2:00pm Still on the couch, so I make those Eggo waffles…. five of them..

2:30pm Attempt to workout

2:40pm hit the showers

3:00pm Go hang with friends

5:00pm Go to a Mexican Restaurant: Eat 2 baskets of chips (with salsa), order a big ass Margarita, eat some enchiladas..

7:00pm Go be social….

Not that there is anything wrong with a day like that, but 10 in a row of doing NOTHING seems a little extreme.. I currently weigh 184 lbs, and have next to ZERO energy.. So I lost 13 lbs, and my mind is exhausted!

Got to kick it with my bros a little bit! 

That’s called a “Lavender Lemonade”, and it’s a small possibility it’s mine…

This week I am back in NC, and in “recovery mode”. To get back on track here are the things I am doing this week:

  1. Write down workout schedule & diet: It I write stuff down I am more likely to do it. The ONLY thing I feel like doing is sitting on the couch, so when I write a schedule down I feel guilty if I don’t stick to it. This helps me get back into the flow even when I’m not feelin’ it.
  2. Drinking Water: Not a little bit, but A LOT of water. I made an investment in one of those big ass gallon water bottles to help get my metabolism back on track & rehydrate after 10 days of dehydrating, booze and salty-ass food.
  3. Eliminate the “junk”: I am putting down the sweet & salty snacks down, and getting back into my regular diet.
  4. Read:  I have never been a big reader, but I have been forcing myself to read as much as possible so 1) I can use smooth words when making moves on the ladies 2) become a more interesting person, and 3) “With knowledge comes confidence”. I stopped reading over my vacation so time to get back into it!
  5. Wake Up Early: Starting my day earlier makes me feel more productive. Maybe that’s just me though..

How are you guys “detoxing” from your vacation as you get ready for school to start? Let me know at

Whats good College Body Nation?! I ALWAYS go M.I.A from CB when I go back home to TX no matter how much I tell myself I’m not going to let that happen.. BUT I am back in action now, and one of my New Years resolutions was to be more consistent & active with College Body, and BLOW it up! I want to incorporate recipes, more workouts, mental health blogs, interviews, guest posts, and even relationship/dating blogs! I tried to set each day of the week with a different type of blog. SO since Friday’s are going to be “Mental Health” days here is my first one of 2012!

Mental health is JUST as important as physical health if not more important. The FIRST thing to realize is that every single one of us is f’d up in someway. We all have our own stuff going on, and one person’s bullshit is NO more stressful than anybody else’s, it’s all relative. SO with that in mind here are my challenges to you in 2012:

1) BE AWARE that everybody has insecurities. Stuff you are insecure about is probably the same stuff 1,000,000 other people are insecure about. Just having this awareness that you are not “weird” or “strange” enables you to have SO much more confidence. I use to walk around campus with my headphones in & head down purposely avoiding eye contact with people, and thinking people were looking at me & judging me & shit when in reality they were probably thinking the SAME thing! The funny thing is that I had been told that I was perceived as confident even though I didn’t feel that way on the inside at all! Once I had this awareness that EVERYBODY feels some sort of insecurity inside it helped my confidence skyrocket.

2) ASSUME the Mayans are right. This is the year the world ends according to the Mayan calender, correct? Maybe homeboy just got tired of chiseling dates into that stone, or maybe 2012 is their favorite number, or maybe those dudes really DO know whats up and the world is coming to an end. Either way, my second challenge is to assume that the rumor is correct. Pretend like 2012 IS your last year living. Do things you enjoy, take risks, make moves, or whatever else is on your bucket list. “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail” is one of my favorite quotes. Let that be the theme of you 2012!

3) Get OUT of your comfort zone. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more confident you become! Write down on a sheet of paper EVERYTHING that sounds like fun, but you have never done based on fear of what others thought, and go do them this year! Here are a couple of my things

  • Take an improve class
  • Join a basketball league in the “hood”
  • Learn a cool dance that the ladies will like
  • Get into a rap freestyle battle with a stranger
  • Sing Karaoke

Those are just a couple of mine, but I plan on completing my whole list before 2013!

These are 3 challenges I want you all to focus on this year! Have challenges of your own? Leave a comment or let me know at Looking forward to 2012! It’s going to be a great year, legoooo!

And one more thing… be sure to check out and “Like” the page 🙂

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Hey guys! I know every time I go on vacation College Body shuts down, so I am trying to put up a couple posts on this vacation so College Body doesn’t go to “College Snoozy”. Here is a quick workout for you guys to try that will F you up in just 20 minutes.


1) Set your watch for 20 minutes

2) Put a moderately heavy weight on a barbell

3) Complete 5 repititions of each movement before moving on to the next movement

4) This is a “rest-based” workout, so rest as often and as much as you need to

5) See how many times you can get through all three circuits.. Good luck


**Have a cool workout to share? Email

Push-ups 5
Bent Over Row 5
Power Clean/Push Press 5



Push-ups 5
Bent Over Row 5
Dead Lift 5
Barbell Squats 5


Push Ups 5
Bent Over Rows 5
Dead Lift 5
Push Press 5

Parents help create the person you have become today. Many of your core beliefs come from your parents, and most of us can show nothing but gratitude for everything that they do. However, now that we are beginning to form “who we are”, what we enjoy, and the direction we want to go in with our lives it can occasionally cause some tension with our parents.

  • Do you want to do something that maybe your parents don’t approve of?
  • Is your major picked by you or your parents? Really though? You REALLY want to go to law school? REALLY want to go to med school?
  • Are you trying to become independent, but your parents still want to direct you?

There are many things that can be happening in your life right now that can cause tension with you &  your parents. This is perfectly normal, and I would think it’s strange (but cool!) if you don’t have ANY issues at all. It’s not that they are “wrong” & we are “right” OR vice versa. It’s just that many times, now that you are in college, you might begin to see things differently, begin to form a different value system or simply crave the freedom to figure it out yourself.


Things can get especially “heated” when you are gone to college for (particular your first) semester and come home for break for the first time. Last time your parents interacted with you, you were fresh out of high school. And though now you may feel older and wiser, the discrepancy between where you left off and now can be a glaring issue staring you both in the face upon homecoming.


SO here are a couple tips to help smooth things over during this winter vacation when you are at home.

Me & my mom last Christmas 🙂 

  1. Don’t take things personally (a lot easier said, than done I know). The ONLY person that can make you upset is YOU. Try to relax when a parent may start to push your buttons. If you do not allow yourself to get angry then how can you be angry, right?
  2. Tell them you DO appreciate them. Sometimes parents just get worried that you don’t need them anymore. Constantly tell them you love them, and appreciate all they do. It is an easy way to gather support (which is what you really want anyway, right?) while at the same time showing gratitude.
  3. Spend time with them. Your parents miss you when you are off to school, so take a day or two to spend JUST with them sometime over this break.
  4. Share stuff with them. Let them know what you have been up to, what you have learned, etc. Your parents just want to be “in the loop” and a part of your life still, so let them! What’s the big deal? The more you share, the more they can begin to trust you.


I hope this stuff helps! Problems with your parents? Or anybody else you are going home to? Tell me about it at

I just launched my first ebook The Dorm Diet this past Friday, and it’s selling like crazy! So I figured I would write about a different diet today. A lot of people who oppose CB are the body building type, and they say two things to me:

  1. It does not matter WHAT you eat as long as you do not surpass your daily individual caloric needs.
  2. You can eat whatever you want post-workout because your body is extremely insulin sensitive. Meaning all that food will go towards muscle building.

The fact of the matter is that BOTH of those are very true, and this is actually the base for one of the four diets in my ebook. BUT to see how their diet actually worked first hand I went ahead & followed these guidelines for  ten days. My sister got me a 4.5lb box of sour gummy worms for my 21st birthday, and I definitely was not going to let them just sit there, so I crushed the whole box over the ten day experiment.



In ten days I DID gain some muscle mass! However, I was also lifting HEAVY, so that probably helped too. Now, here is why I don’t recommend the body builders diet.

1) My energy level day-to-day was a lot lower than it usually is. It took SERIOUS work to get my ass to the gym.

2) My face started to break out. This is because food has a direct connection to acne. Interesting right? Check out the book “The Dietary Cure For Acne” by Loren Cordain .

3) My cravings were OUT OF CONTROL! I wanted pizza, burgers, popcorn, chips, & a bunch of shit like that I haven’t craved for awhile. I did hold myself back from eating all of that because I had to stay within my daily caloric intake, but it was difficult. I definitely wouldn’t have enough self-discipline to do that for more than 10 days.

4) I began to develop bacne (Back-nee)- The acne that shows up on the face of adolescents begins to show up on your back.

**That was what put me over the top. I can handle low energy levels, a zit or two on my face, and cravings for a little while, but when we are talking about bacne I can’t handle it anymore.**

So the point is that that diet does work for those of you looking to put on size, or get into the body building world, or are in your twenties & have a wicked fast metabolism. However, the fact is that food has a much bigger impact than just getting fat or gaining muscle. Food affects our energy levels, cravings, acne, and stress levels……and bacne…

Interestingly enough I am back on my regular diet now, and have been for the past couple days & my energy is picking up, my cravings are going down, my bacne disappeared, and my abs are becoming more defined.

Me & my sis, Jill, out on the town for my 21st! Don’t we look fly?

Do you guys feel change in energy when you eat? Let me know how you eat at