September 2011- Megan Smith

 Megan Smith


My name is Megan Smith and I am in college and loving every minute of it. I enjoy spending as much time with my friends and family as I can and I make sure to live my life to its fullest. I stay active as much as I can; I am always on the go, whether I am working out or being outside or going to class! I love Austin and I love going out with my girls and having a blast! I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things.

1) What school do you go to & what year are you? I currently attend The University of Texas in Austin and I am a junior!

2) What’s your favorite muscle on a guy?Hmmm, having great abs and pecs are one thing but when a guy has an amazing back (Traps Delts.. etc.)… now that is what I like. It is safe to say if his back is on point then the front of him will be great too;)

3) What is something you look for in a dating a guy (personality wise)? Personality wise, a guy needs to have a certain amount of sensitivity mixed with a strong mind as well; someone that knows when to be soft and sweet but can also protect me anywhere and anytime. Also, if a guy can make me laugh and has goals in life then he is looking pretty good in my book!

4) What is one sentence/line a guy could use to get you attention? I’m not one for the “one liners” at a bar or elsewhere but if a guy can make me laugh… a real laugh not an uncomfortable awkward one…then that would spur my interest:)

5) What is your biggest “turn off” in a guy? DO NOT BE A COCKY GUY! No girl likes some overly cocky guy.. no girl. Now being confident is a different story.. as long as you can back that confidence up. Also, DO NOT BE A CHAUVINISTIC ASS… be a gentleman!:)




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