December 2011- Carlyn Joseph

Carlyn Joseph

I am Carlyn from Solon, OH. I became a fitness fanatic when my sister moved back home when I was in high school and forced our mom to clear out the pantry–say good bye to the assortment of chips and pop-tarts. She got me into weight training at a local gym; I remember being sore after a full body workout and I only used five pounds through out the entire hour. After then I was hooked to that burning feeling….the results did not hurt either. I use working out as a mental escape to help with the day-to-day stress agents that arise with being a college student as well as for the benefits in the long run. I now minor in public health with an ambition of being a school psychologist so I can not only work with adolescents but to implement exercise and nutrition programs into schools.

1)      What school do you go to & what year are you?

I am a junior at the University of South Carolina.

2)      What’s your favorite muscle on a guy?

I would have to say I love the defined look of the latissimus dorsi on a guy’s lower back–I do not know why, but it is the best!

3)      What is something you look for in a dating a guy (personality wise)?

Humor is key, I can not be the only one laughing at my jokes now. Also, someone who is honest and                     determined. I tried dating someone who lacked the motivation to better himself academically and physically, and needless to say it did not work out. Life is too short to be a sloth.

4)      What is one sentence/line a guy could use to get you attention?

Redheads are underrated.

5)      What is your biggest “turn off” in a guy?

I hate when a guy is dishonest. For example, do not say that you are bad with the ladies when we both know, and I mean it is quite obvious, that you have slept with more women than we can count on both of our hands. Just be real and tell me your intentions. Although I will most likely not pursue you–I definitely do not want to be  a knotch on the belt because I fell for the redundant script–I can walk away thinking that you are way honest.


  1. emily says:

    $exii $exii LOVE YOU!

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