College Body Hottie

Every month College Body will pick a “College Body Hottie of the Month.” The College Body Hottie can be any college female with interest in health & fitness. The winner each month will be featured on the College Body site with a photo, short bio, & answers to a questionnaire. The winner will also receive a College Body tank or tee! If you’re interested please send an email to with the following information:

  • Please provide a photo
  • Please provide a short bio

1)      What school do you go to & what year are you?

2)      What’s your favorite muscle on a guy?

3)      What is something you look for in a dating a guy (personality wise)?

4)      What is one sentence/line a guy could use to get you attention?

5)      What is your biggest “turn off” in a guy?

September 2011- Megan Smith

October 2011- Mary Gilbert 

November 2011- April Barrios

December 2011- Carlyn Joseph

January 2012- Lindsey Reinstrom

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