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I get a ton of emails from friends (and strangers) on how lose “get in shape” or “lose weight” or “gain muscle”, so I’ll usually respond with some sort of 8-week program, and some diet tips. However, when I follow up with those same individuals a month later to check their progress the usual answer is “I haven’t started yet.” I don’t get it? Why would people take time out of their day to email me, and then not take advantage of the information I give them?


I have found that lifestyle changes are VERY difficult for people. Things like going from an unhealthy to healthy lifestyle, or from a spending money to saving money lifestyle. But why?


People, in general, want to be “Perfectionists”, meaning we have an “all-or-nothing” approach to many things in life. In his book, Being Happy, Tal Ben-Shahar goes into great detail of what a Perfectionist is. General beliefs/descriptions of the Perfectionist are: focused on a destination (rather than being present in the process), a fear of failure (resulting in inaction), All-or-Nothing mindset, defensiveness, Faultfinder tendencies (“A faultfinder will find faults even in paradise” -Henry David Thoreau), harsh (on themselves, and others), and tend to be very rigid. Most of us has some sort of Perfectionist in us.

This is why it is so difficult for us to keep our New Year’s resolutions, change our bodies, change our minds, change our spending habits, and all other lifestyle changes. We try to do it all-the-way or not at all.


Let’s use this Perfectionist model with fitness. How can you possibly expect to go from never working out and eating fast food everyday, to working out six days per week on a chicken & asparagus diet? It is absurd to think you can do this. It is the same thing as waking up today, and saying  “next week I am going to go do Olympic trial runs.” Olympians train for years and years and years to get where they are! The key to change is small victories. For every small victory you have, pat yourself on the back, and be happy about it! Here are some tips on how to go from not doing ANYTHING to living a healthier, more fit, life.


  • JUST GO to the gym: Do not set a ridiculous goal of going to the gym 6 days/week for 2 hours/day. Begin with 1-2 days for just thirty minutes each session. For the next 4-6 weeks make it a habit to get your 1-2 days. Write up a workout and just do that same routine for the next 4-6 weeks. After that 4-6 weeks is up (and you succeed!) be happy about it! Congratulate yourself, and then maybe add another day or two.
  • ELIMINATE 1-2 things: Look at your current diet, and pick 1-2 things that you can limit, or eliminate for the next 4-6 weeks. If you eat pizza 3 nights/week knock it down to zero or one night per week. If you drink alcohol 4 nights/week knock it down to 1-2 nights per week. An idea for the first foods to look at eliminating are:sugar/starchy carbohydrates (such as cereals, breads, candies, chips, cookies, and cakes), and the combination of fats/carbs (such as pizzas, cheeseburgers, alcohol combined with cheese).
  • WRITE DOWN your goals: I am the WORST at writing down my goals and keeping them. However, I wrote down my New Years Resolutions in 2012 for the first time ever. Much to my surprise I am not only still on path with these goals and resolutions, but have already completed some! So write your fitness goals down, and put them somewhere you can see them every single day.
  • DON’T get down on yourself: Maybe you are doing wonderful, and are on track to crush your goals, but then one week you drink three nights in a row, eat two large pizzas/day, and don’t make it to the gym. DO NOT get down on yourself. Just make a conscious choice right to get back on the game plan. Sometimes I will have my diet on lock, be killin’ it in the weight room for two weeks strait, and start telling myself that I look sexy when I check myself out in the mirror. But then I hit the movies, eat a large popcorn, and then refill it (kind of gross, I know. I like it to be wet with butter too! Don’t judge me..). When I walk out of the movies I feel sluggish, tired, and bloated. However, rather than getting mad at myself, and picking up a cheeseburger, and going home to watch TV I go do heavy squats and sprints. I am not saying you have to do squats every time you crush an ice cream this is just what works for me. The point is to ease up on yourself a little bit. If you mess up your plan it’s all good just force yourself to get back on it.
Remember! Celebrate your successes, and learn from your failures. This model will not only work for body change, but any major lifestyle change. How do you implement body change?

College can be stressful, nerve racking, full of uncomfortable/awkward situations, generate anxiety and depression. I know this through my own experiences and just by observing other people. I love to just sit back and watch people in certain situations, and how people respond completely different from one another in the exact same circumstances.

We all get stressed/sad/happy/angry from different things and to different degrees. My stress levels don’t really rise that much during finals week or in a social situations, but I get sad/anxious when I think about my ex-girlfriend, or when I have $4.36 in my bank account, or when I eat a big ass pizza. We are all different in what brings our mood down just as we all seek different outlets to make ourselves feel better.


Some people smoke, some people drink, some people take anti-depressants (which is becoming way more prevalent unfortunately), some people play games/sports, some people exercise, some people (not a lot of people I know) read, and so on. Some of these are probably healthier outlets than others, but I am not here to judge. How people deal with sadness or anger is their business, and people are going to do what makes them feel good because that is what us humans do; we are pleasure seekers.

I wanted to talk about this because I recently came across some interesting research facts. It has been shown that exercise increases mood BETTER than anti-depressants such as Prozac. How interesting is that?! Pushing around heavy shit or running around actually makes you happier than “happy pills”. Plus, as a bonus, when you are exercising there is no voice talking really fast  that says “side effects may include: increased chance of heart disease, internal bleeding, or possibly death”. I know you know what I am talking about, right? Those medication commercials where they list all the negative side effects at the end of the commercial as quickly as possible with a screen shot of a happy couple walking on the beach. yeah.. maybe that was a dumb joke…

So based on how you are feeling, different types of exercise can cause different types of mood change.

Lifting Weights -> Improved Confidence

Running/Longer Duration Cardio -> Increased Mood (Feeling depressed? Go run a stadium!)

Sprinting/High Intensity -> Decreased Anxiety

Research continues to show these positive results correlated with exercise. I personally swear by this! If I pump massive iron (or lift weights that maybe aren’t so massive) I have a new renowned swag of confidence when leaving the gym. When I start to feel kind of sad I will go do a stadium workout (longer duration cardio), and all of a sudden I will be in a great mood. And when I do sprints I feel very calm and peaceful. It is truly astounding!

For me, it is easy because I love to exercise. A lot of people HATE exercise or “mean” to at the end of the day, but are too tired in the evening from a long day. I get that for many people it isn’t easy to consistently go to the gym, but for those days where you are in a funk use your negative emotions to push hard in the gym or out in a field or in your dorm room. Research has also shown that exercise helps with:

  • Cognition: Exercise increases blood flow to brain which helps creativity, problem solving, and smooth talking the hunnies (or guys for you ladies reading this)
  • More Adaptive to Stress: Those who exercise are more emotionally stable which can lead to healthier relationships, and cause people to be less likely to “lose it”
  • Living Longer
  • Prevent Disease: There is NO better drug for ANY disease. Including cancer; people who exercise tend to be less likely to get cancer, and those with cancer who exercise have higher survival rates
  • Mood Enhancement: There is no better mood enhancer than exercise.
  • Better anti-inflammatory than asprin
  • Having Sex: You can mess with all the Viagra you want, but exercise is the BEST thing to do for stronger erections and higher sex drive. Drugs, alcohol, and being overweight are all a bad deal for your sex life.

I hope you guys found these research results as interesting as I did. What kind of exercise do you do? What is your stress free outlet? Leave a comment below 🙂

Spring break is still about two months away, but the preparation process has already started. People are already forming their groups to go with and vacation locations. The one thing that pretty much all of us have in common is we want to have that tight “Spring Break Bod”, so people are already hitting the gym shaping their bodies for one of the best beach weeks of the year for college students. So here are College Body’s tips & tricks so the Spring Break Body you want!

1) Replace ALL Grains/Starchy Foods with Fruits (less sweet) & Veggies: MOST importantly eliminate cereal & sandwiches especially because these are two of the top things found in university dining halls. Replace cereals with protein shakes, and sandwiches with salads. If you MUST have starches in your diet then eat them ONLY in the morning or post-workout. This is not an “eat-this-not-that” type thing meaning choosing whole grain bread over white bread or brown rice over white rice is not acceptable.

2) Eliminate Alcohol: This is probably the most difficult of the three tips for a lot of college students who like to wine down the week with a Saturday night cocktail . I know it can be difficult to go to a party or a bar and just hang out & not have a drink when everybody around you is doing it. However, if you want one of the best bodies in Gulf Shores this is an essential tip to follow. If you must drink, pick one night a week to do it, and dont combine with fat/sugar. So that means no late night pizza when you are a little tipsy Friday night. Also, if you do drink one night a week try to drink one tall glass of water for every cocktail you have; even if it’s at the end of the night when you get home.

3) SIX days/week of Mixed Metabolic Conditioning: This is short duration high intensity exercise (~30 minutes) using Rest-Based Training. After ~30 minutes of high intensity exercise, go on a slow paced leisure walk around campus. The high intensity exercise releases fat from the cell, and the slow walk post workout may help assure that none of the fat released gets restored. Below is an example of what a mixed Metabolic Conditioning workout may look like:

Bench Press 4×10 Superset with 1-2 min rest in b/t sets
Squat Jumps 90 seconds
Push-ups 5 minute strait set Use RBT
Burpee/Push-up/Curl/Press 5 minutes *Metabolic Chain-up

*Chain-up means to add on a rep to the push-up, curl, and press every time. For example:

  • Burpee/1 Push-up/1 Curl/1 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/2 Push-up/2 Curl/2 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/3 Push-up/3 Curl/3 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/4 Push-up/4 Curl/4 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/5 Push-up/5 Curl/5 Shoulder Press

And if you get up to five, start back over at 1 rep. Make sense?

These are very strict & difficult rules to follow for the next two months, but for those of you who can stick to these 3 rules will be looking REAL good by the time spring break rolls through. ALSO, don’t miss the “4-Weeks to the Best Spring Break Body” plan coming out soon!

Hey guys! I know every time I go on vacation College Body shuts down, so I am trying to put up a couple posts on this vacation so College Body doesn’t go to “College Snoozy”. Here is a quick workout for you guys to try that will F you up in just 20 minutes.


1) Set your watch for 20 minutes

2) Put a moderately heavy weight on a barbell

3) Complete 5 repititions of each movement before moving on to the next movement

4) This is a “rest-based” workout, so rest as often and as much as you need to

5) See how many times you can get through all three circuits.. Good luck


**Have a cool workout to share? Email

Push-ups 5
Bent Over Row 5
Power Clean/Push Press 5



Push-ups 5
Bent Over Row 5
Dead Lift 5
Barbell Squats 5


Push Ups 5
Bent Over Rows 5
Dead Lift 5
Push Press 5

Ladies, ladies, ladies I wrote a blog about females & weight lifting a couple months ago, and to this day is STILL my most viewed blog. My second most viewed blog is a guest post by writer, Kristi! On top of that, almost 65% of my Facebook fans (if you haven’t “liked” the page yet, you should do that! I heard everybody is doing it..) are girls, so as I was brainstorming blog topics today it came to me. Why wouldn’t I do another blog for my female support?!


However, my issue was I had no idea what girls wanted to read about, so I called a couple of my friends that are girls, and asked them what THEY would like to read about on College Body. The answer I got was this:


“How to get a nice butt”


Well okay then…. Here is an awesome workout to get a “nice butt”.


Step-ups 10/leg Holding Moderate Weight DB
Barbell Squats 12 *Done immediately after the step-ups; complete 4 rounds.


Barbell Lunges 10/leg You can do walking lunges OR static lunges
Switch Jumps 10/leg *Done back-to-back 4 times


Squat Jumps 1 minute *1 set

Best Protein Bars

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Don't get fat, Get healthier, Stay lean

A year ago, I would wake up, eat one of those Nature Valley Bars or Nutri-Grain , and call it a good breakfast. I am sure many of you do, or have done, the same thing. Breakfast bars are a good deal, no doubt. You can wake up five minutes before you have to leave to go to class, throw some in your backpack, and make moves. However, the problem with bars like those is that after you eat one, you are hungry 15 minutes later. Last year my morning schedule looked like this:

  1. Wake up
  2. Eat Nutri-Grain bar (blueberry, just fyi)
  3. go to first class
  4. CRUSH extreme amounts of Chick Fila.
Which is a bad deal for staying lean. When looking for bars to keep stocked in your dorm room I recommend following Metabolic Effects “Label Rule.” The rule says; take the total carbohydrates, subtract out “sugar alcohol,” subtract out the total fiber from that, and subtract out the protein from that. The number you get should be <=10. The lower the number is, the better. So check out the example below of my blueberry Nutri-Grain Bar:

Total Carbohydrates (24) – Sugar Alcohol (0) – Total Fiber (3) – Protein (2) = 19 

*Bad deal…

When the bar is higher in protein & fiber it helps you stay fuller for longer, so you don’t destroy two meals at Chick Fila. Staying fuller for longer helps to prevent over-eating, which in turn helps to prevent getting fat. Unless you are carbing up after a brutal weight workout, use the label rule with anything that has a label to keep your waistline in check.

Think Thin: These are my favorite of all of them. I get the “creamy peanut butter” flavor.

  •  SCORE: 23 (C) – 11 (SA) – 1 (F) – 20 (P) = -9

Tanka Bar: These are kinda like a spicy beef jerky.

  • SCORE: 7 (C) – 0 (SA) – 1 (F) – 7 (P) = -1

Power Crunch: These are a wafer type bar with a ton of different flavors.

  • SCORE: 10 (C) – 0 (SA) – 1 (F) -13 (F) = -4

Balance: Again, there are a ton of different flavors, but the “Cookie Dough” is my favorite, so that is the score shown below.

  • SCORE: 22 (C) – 0 (SA)  -1 (F) -15 (P) = 8

Luna Protein: The score shown below is the cookie dough flavor just because that is the kind I get.

  • SCORE: 21 (C) – 0 (SA) – 3 (F) – 12 (P) = 6

One last thing to watch out for are sugar alcohols, like maltitol, xylitol and erythritol. They are natural alternative sweeteners but they are not absorbed completely so while they are better options for fat loss than regular sugar, they may cause GI upset, gas, bloating etc so try to keep it to 1 bar/day if it contains sugar alcohols. Just sayin.

Halloween was not big on my list of holidays until I got to college. I don’t really like candy that much (Except for Sour Patch Extremes, I eat those like they’re vitamins), and it doesn’t take me eating that much of it to make me feel sick. Also, we never got school off for it, so how could it possibly be among my favorite holidays? However, when I got to college it completely changed my perspective of how Halloween went down. Walking around the neighborhood changed into walking around HUGE parties with loud music, ringing doorbells turned into dancing, girls dressing as princess turned into girls barely dressing at all. This was all a new thing, but I am down to dance, down to dress up, and I like girls, so I fit right in perfectly! However, I would have so much fun on Halloween that I always felt like crap the whole next day. Here are College Body’s suggestions for the days leading up to Halloween, so you don’t turn into beach ball Betty/Billy post-Halloween.

My Bro, Connor, & Myself (Halloween 2010!!)

Metabolic Conditioning Workouts: On the days prior to the  Halloween party, and the day of, try to get metabolic conditioning workouts in. These are full body, fat burning workouts that will beat your ass! These use the Metabolic Effect “rest-based training” concept. That means go as hard as you can, with heavy weights, until you cannot go any longer. Then take a rest for as long as you need, until you can go again. Below I have listed a couple examples:

  • Workout #1: Set your watch for 20 minutes, and rotate between these movements every minute (will be a total of five rounds)
  1. Lunge/Row
  2. Push-Up/Row
  3. Squat/Press
  4. Squat/ Curl
*Have 2 sets of DB, one heavy set, and 1 light set. Make sure to use the heavy weights as much as you can.
  • Workout #2: 20 minutes (rotate every minute)
  1. Sit press (Inclined Bench Chest Press)/Stand Press (shoulder press)
  2. Burpees w/ Push-up at the bottom
  3. Sit Curl/Stand Curl (HEAVY DBs)
  4. Bent-over: Row/Reverse Fly = 1 row, 1 reverse fly, 1 row, 1 reverse fly, etc.
    • Workout #3: Crushing Upper Body Workout
    • Workout #4: Crushing Lower Body Workout
    • Workout #5: Damn…



Drink water: Through out the week before your Friday night party drink a ton of water. I’m talking like a gallon per day, so you will be super hydrated when you begin to drink something other than water on Halloween.


Low-Carbohydrates: Throughout the week you should keep your carbohydrates limited. Yes, this means no pizza, no burritos, no Cheetos, and easy on the bread. Chances are you are going to get a ton of carbs the night of your Halloween party between alcohol, and the late night fast food meal. Monday to Thursday I would try to get your carbs from BCAA’s, fruits, and vegetables. However, when Friday & Saturday night come around go ahead and let loose. I know you are not going to put a bag of broccoli in your pocket for a snack at the party, so let’s not even pretend. If you are able to follow the three tips above (drink water, metabolic conditioning workouts, & low-carbs) you will not only be feeling REAL good come Friday night, but also looking REAL good. Which is cool, especially for those of us whose costumes involve showing a little skin.

Pre-Party meal: Before you go out, try to put something in your stomach, and preferably protein. Maybe like a chicken breast? Tuna? Cheeseburger? Something along those lines is ideal.

Dance: Might as well burn off some fat on the dance floor. Every Halloween party I have been to has had cool lights, and good music, so I always tend to show off a couple of my moves. I have been told I should teach others because my moves are that nice, but even if you don’t have good moves still strut your shit a little bit. Every time I leave a dance floor I leave dripping in sweat (and with a trophy for best dancer).

**Today I thought I would switch it up on you guys, so I asked my friend Kristi to hook me up with a guest blog. She did an AWESOME job! You will enjoy it, and learn a lot, especially all you ladies!


Cardio Queen Turned Lifting Junkie: A Woman’s Perspective


Hi! My name is Kristi and I blog over at Sweetly Fit. (


I was thrilled when Danny asked me to do a guest post because I really admire the advice and info he offers. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about something that I have become pretty passionate about: lifting weights! Over the last couple years, my exercise routine has changed dramatically and I really only have good things to say about these changes. With experience, has come more knowledge about exercise and once I started hearing the buzz about resistance training, I knew I had to try it. I’ll admit, as a former “cardio queen” I was skeptical. I don’t want to bulk up! I laugh at the thought of bulking up now. Here’s the thing: men and women are not made the same. We women have nowhere near the testosterone that men have, enabling them to build muscle much easier. So lift you hearts out ladies, I promise you that you won’t end up looking like Hulk Hogan.


What has lifting done for me?


Increased metabolism:

As a current dietetics and kinesiology major, I am learning about the metabolic process and can definitely vouch for this one! There is no diet pill or magic solution to increasing metabolism; the answer lies in resistance training.


I can eat more!

When your metabolism is increased through resistance training, you simply burn more calories doing the same everyday activities you usually do, including sleeping. So burning more calories means you need more fuel, and who wouldn’t like to eat more? Anyone who reads my blog, knows I like my food.


Increased energy:

When my main source of exercise was cardio, I often felt weak and tired. All I would feel like doing was lying around and being lazy. Once I decreased cardio and made lifting my main workout, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt! I had energy all day long and little tasks did not wear me out as fast.


Better physique:

If you want to actually see results from your workout, then you are going to want to have some strength training in your routine. I could spend hours and hours in the cardio room, but would it do any good? NO! Lifting weights is something that you will actually see results from, and I’m not talking about looking like a male body builder. I’m talking about a toned, fit body!



More Confidence:

There is something about throwing around the weights in the gym that does something for your ego. It is so empowering to see yourself getting stronger. I used to be afraid to go to the weights side of the gym because it is mostly occupied by men. What I found out was that they were all too focused on their own workout to really care that I was over there.


So what I’m trying to get at here is this: don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone a little bit. I know at first it’s hard to do, but I promise it will be get easier and be so worth it. Strength training provides a whole new experience to working out and I believe everyone should make it part of their lives.


Don’t know where to begin? Danny provides awesome workouts and info, so you’re at the perfect place to start! Good luck everyone and thanks for reading!



**I love Kristi’s writing style, and can not agree more with the information above! Kristi does all sorts of awesome blogs on her sit sweetlyfit, so make sure you check it out! 

I have seen multiple dorm rooms at multiple universities, and they are all pretty mush the same. Small, dirty, old, & lack food preparation resources. For a lot of kids, a refrigerator or a microwave is a luxury, so I understand it is difficult to eat healthy with such limited tools. I put together a list of things that are easily stored, and are easily prepared.

1) Nuts- Nuts are an awesome things to keep in your dorm room. They can be stored anywhere, and since they contain a lot of protein & fats it makes them a very filling snack! My favorite is cashews, although most would recommend a mixed nuts blend.

2) Protein Powder- Male, female, alien, doesn’t matter, all of you should invest in protein powder. It is good for those who are vegan or vegetarian to get more protein in their diet. Also, chicken & steak can get expensive for those of us on a tight budget so protein powder can be a great replacement, although expensive, it should last you a while. You can also take it with you on the go! It is a little harder to wake up in the morning, cook a steak in your dorm room, and roll to class with it.

3) Fruit- For those of you who have a fridge, I would recommend getting some fruit. It is best to eat fruit post-workout, but if you are a “snacker” it is better to munch on some blueberries instead of sat & vinegar potato chips because they are a majority water & high in fiber.

4) Peanut Butter- Peanut butter is another easily stored snack for your dorm room, and just like the nuts, can be a filling snack. I love peanut butter so I throw it on everything. I put it in my oats, on hemp bread, or eat it with my fruit.

5) Oats- Oates are for those of you who are fortunate enough to have a microwave in you dorm room. Mix up some oats and peanut butter for a quick & easy breakfast. Although it is not 100% necessary to have a microwave. Some people mix them into their protein shakes and drink them like that.

6) ONE Cheat Snack- For those who can eat clean ALL THE TIME that is wonderful, for you. However, most of us get unreal cravings for something salty or something sweet, and we just don’t care to fight it. My way to handle this was not to fight the craving, but to control it. I would buy ONE thing at the grocery store when I went, and when it was gone it was gone. It caused me to save it for important moments, like for college football games. I am a salty kind of guy, so I usually messed with chips, or popcorn.

Being a dude, my list is very basic, and obviously there a ton of healthy foods you can keep stored in your room. These are just a couple of my favorites. Check out one of my favorite female blogs where she shows you how she keeps clean eats in a small dorm room, and she does a REALLY good job!

Hello everybody! Before I get into this blog, I wanted to thank everybody for checking out my RIP Brandon Noland blog. I was a little hesitant to put it up at first because of how personal it was, but it seemed to have resonated with a lot of people. Almost 3,000 people read it, and 392 people shared it on Facebook! That is incredible, so thank you to everybody who checked it out.

Today I am going to give you my top 3 things to do for better abs, and it has nothing to do with doing 1,000,000 crunches. Look, the fact is that chicks like dudes with a six pack, and guys like girls with sexy abs. This is why we all want to take those “ab attack” and “ab blast” classes at the gym, or add an extra 15 minutes onto our workout to do sit ups & crunches. So here are 3 quick strategies to get better sculpted abs without spending a ton of time on the ground.

1) Diet: Diet is essential to creating nice abs. With chips & queso, candy, fast food, beer, etc you will transfom your six-pack into a “one-pack.” I can see changes in my abs from day to day. When I eat a bunch of crap, my abs do not exist. When I keep a cleaner diet, I can’t stop checking myself out in the mirror. Below are some awesome fat burning foods from that will help you form your six-pack. One thing to keep in mind since “abs are made in the kitchen” or cafeteria in this case, is that less processed foods (i.e. anything that doesn’t come in a prepackaged encasing) will do best for shedding water and burning fat over the long term.

  • Grapefruit
  • apples
  • berries
  • chicken
  • bison
  • shrimp
  • egg whites
  • turkey
  • white fish
  • spinach
  • asparagus
  • broccoli
  • Oat bran
  • sweet potato

2) Weighted Movements-Instead of 100s & 100s of crunches, try doing weighted ab movements. Doing these movements will help give your abs that chunky look (chunky as in “popped out” not blubbery). For a super skinny guy, like myself, I was extremely interested on how to make my abs pop out. The key here is that without developed ab muscles, once you lose the fat on top, your abs will not show up in distinct bricks. Try the following exercises to help with the pop:

  • Weighted Declined Sit ups: Place a heavy plate on your chest, and do a full sit up on a declined bench. (3×10)
  • Cable (rope) Crunches: 4×12
  • Hanging Leg Raises: 3xFailure

3) Sprinting-If  you have been following my blog, you know that I am big on sprints, and no so much on long duration, steady-state cardio. Not that long duration cardio is not healthy, it just isn’t my style, and doesn’t help with fat loss as much as it does for weight maintenance. Sprinting is awesome for sculpting the outer shell of your abs, the crest between the obliques and rectus abdominals. For the best results you have to let yourself fully recover between sprints, and go at 100%  speed. See my sprinting routine here.

Just by making these 3 changes, I have seen awesome transformations in my abs. Diet for visability, weighted movements for thickness, and sprinting for the outer cage. Before doing these things I had a solid on to two pack (you know, with just a line down the middle.) depending on the day. Now, when I check myself out in the mirror I can count 6 distinguishable sections! Cool right? Well I think it’s cool.

I’m aware I’m not Obie Obadike, but I am improving!