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Last May, I began recording everything I ate, and I found two problems in my diet. 1) I was not eating nearly enough to put on size and 2) The foods I was eating were not very good for muscle building. As school is beginning (or has already begun) most students are going to go food shopping to stock up their dorm rooms or apartments. This year try stocking up your shopping cart with some of my favorite muscle building foods, rather than burritos, Cheetos, & Fritos.

10) Nuts-Nuts are rather expensive for a college kids budget, I understand that. However, they are high in fat and protein, so it helps balance blood sugar and makes you feel fuller for longer. Plus, nuts are satiating, meaning you don’t need all that many to make you feel full, as opposed to chips when we regularly polish off an entire bag.

9) Meat Lovers Pizza- This is not necessarily the healthiest of meals, but no doubt about it that meat lovers pizza will put MAD size on you. I know as a college kid that I am not going to stay on a Jillian Michaels military style diet, and I am going to have to have a grub session every once in a while. The amount of carbs, fats, and protein in a meat lovers pizza will definitely help you put on size. However, if you don’t get your workouts in, it will turn from a muscle building food to a freshman fifty food.

8) Oats- You can go get a HUGE thing of Quaker Oats at Walmart for under $5, and it will last you almost a whole semester. Oats provide complex carbs that are awesome for muscle recovery!

7) Peanut Butter- Peanut is high is protein and good fats that can help you put on size like a champ with a workout regimen. I usually buy a huge jar at the beginning of the year, and eat it as a snack all year long. I dip things like apples & celery in peanut butter, or I just eat it strait up. As somebody who has a SERIOUS salty tooth (LOVE popcorn, chips, etc.) I like PB because it is something that can satisfy my salt craving, AND help me build lean mass.

6) Fruit- I recommend fruits like grapes, apples, bananas, grapefruit & cherries. I would also recommend eating the sweeter ones post-workout as they are great for muscle recovery and provide a source of fast sugar. My favorite thing about fruits is that they satisfy my sweet tooth. I am not a big “sweets” guy but every once in a while I want to spring for some Sour Patch Extremes (Which are the most amazing things ever created). So rather than go invest in a bag of SPEs at Walgreens I make a cherry slushy or eat an apple.

5) Canned Tuna/Chicken- You can get tuna/chicken for less than a dollar per can. The high amount of protein in these canned meats are great for putting on LEAN muscle. I know we all drop our dollar bills on Ramon, but maybe this year we switch it up a little? Tuna & Chicken will be a lot more bang for your buck because you won’t have to eat 12 cans to get full.

4) Salsa- salsa is the perfect thing for your mini fridge. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you can put it on anything (chicken, salads, etc.). Also, because it is less carbs and fats than other condiments, it makes it a better option for those chips and dip pre-football game rather than ranch dip or queso.

3) Eggs- Eggs are a little more difficult to store if you are staying in a dorm room, and I know there is no chance in hell you’re replacing those Bud Lights in your mini fridge for a carton of eggs. However, if you do SOMEHOW make room in your fridge for eggs it would be a wise choice. There are usually around 8g of protein in a single egg which will help you stay full for longer periods of time. So sub in eggs for that beagle & cream cheese in the morning. Not to mention you can get a dozen eggs for around $2. When I buy eggs I usually get a box of 2.5 dozen (yeah, I don’t mess around) for less than $5.

2) Protein Shakes (whey/casein)-Now protein powder is NOT a cheap investment, but if you can spring for a jug it should last you a couple months (depending on size and consumption frequency). There are two types of protein I would recommend using. 1) Whey- Whey is a protein that is absorbed more quickly and is awesome for pre/post workout & meal replacement. And 2) Casein- Casein is a protein that is absorbed more slowly and is great for a “pre-bedtime meal” to provide muscle maintenance and balance blood sugar. To find the cheapest supplements/protein I’d recommend using & going to the Vitamin Shoppe.

1) Beef Jerky- Beef jerky is another one of those snacks that satisfies my “salty tooth” and is extremely high in protein. I take it on road trips, to class, to the gym, on dates (nah not really, but I would!) or wherever else I go. It is portable, tasty, and awesome for adding lean muscle.

These options will not only help you put on muscle, but will also help you keep from transforming into a beached whale. It’s a win-win, right?! I am always interested in other foods that you guys keep in your dorm rooms, so please drop a comment or email me at


I have never been one of those big ass dudes in the gym that everybody stares at. I was a basketball player in high school, so I had that stereotypical basketball player body type, skinny & lanky. I have always struggled to put on size like all my friends were doing. I would do the same workouts AND eat the same as them, but for whatever reason I could just not get bigger. Therefore, I am ALWAYS down to learn new tips and tricks to make myself feel better about my my size.

So I was recently in the gym “pumping massive iron” with my brother-in-law, Jade, doing heavy squats. About half way through our sets Jade says “you know, if you squeeze the bar and clench your teeth you can squat 20 pounds more.” Now Jade is a doctor and a fitness/exercise expert, so usually when he tells me things, I jump on board immediately. However, when he told me this, the first thing that went through my mind was “There is no way in HELL this works, he has to be messing with me.” In my third set I struggled to get all 10 repetitions, so going into my fourth set with increased weight I wasn’t expecting to get all 10 reps. I decide to use this “tip” Jade gave me on my fourth set, and I dig out 10 reps with no problem! Turns out there are multiple studies proving this Remote Voluntary Contraction (RVC).

The next day I walk into the gym to workout my chest, and I figured I would try the same technique with other closed-chain exercises like bench press. I just did my one rep max the week before which was 205 pounds (which I was all fired up about), so I tried these new clinching techniques I did with my squats. To my shock, my new one rep max was 225 lbs! I saw a 20 lb increase in my one rep max just by squeezing my hands tighter and clinching my jaw. The studies posted below show increases between 2.9-32.3% increase for the participants, but the average is usually around a 15% increase.

One last tip to help you in “growing season” is to add one last set to the end of a high resistance exercise of low weight and high reps. For example, if you do bench press for 4 sets of 8 reps with heavy weight, do a fifth set with half the weight (or less than half) for twenty reps. This style of trying is proven to increase your body’s HGH levels (

Try out these tips, and let me know how they work out for you!

Most colleges & universities are starting back up with the fall semester either this week or next, so I just wanted to drop a couple fitness tips to start off this semester strong. From what I’ve noticed, a majority of college kids fall into one of two categories that first week back on campus. They either stay as far as possible from a gym, and drink a ridiculous amount of alcohol because the first week of school involves minimal effort, and they are so happy to get out of their parents house once again.  OR they set ridiculous fitness goals/schedules, and go to the gym everyday for three hours a day because they want this year “to be different”. Both of these strategies are terrible ideas. You will either get fatter and lazier, or you will burn yourself out. I just wanted to list a couple tips for you that will help lead you towards a successful semester.


  • Food Shopping- Most students when they get back to school, or are going to school for the first time, make some sort of Walmart/Taget run for food, supplies, dorm stuff, or whatever. This year, instead of heading strait for Doritos and frozen pizza, try some healthier options. If your dorm is stuffed with healthy snacks, you won’t have that late night option of putting on 5 pounds in one hour. For snacks, get stuff like nuts, beef jerky, peanut butter, and fruits. For dinner, skip the hot pockets. I would HIGHLY recommend getting a George Foreman Grill ($20 at Walmart), so you can cook healthy meals like chicken (Tyson Frozen CHKN Breasts: 6 for ~$7), steak, fish, etc. Also, I would would LOAD up on frozen veggies (easy to cook in microwave AND healthier than Romen Noodles believe it or not). All these options will help you stay on track with whatever your fitness goals may be this semester. (See “Top 8 Snacks to Bring to Class” blog)
  • Water bottle- Water is ESSENTIAL for your health! My recommendation to you is to go find a cool looking water bottle that you are going to bring everywhere with you this semester (maybe with your school logo? Or the College Body logo?). Try to get one the is big enough to hold 1 liter of water (try to drink 3-5 liters per day). This past week I was back home in Texas, and one of my friends had a party. I showed up to the party with my water bottle, and that’s all I drank all night, and yes, I did get a lot of shit for it. I only drank water mostly because I’m not down to drink and drive, but also because I know how important water is for my mind & body. So stay hydrated this semester, even if you have a cocktail in your left hand and a water bottle in your right (being shit-housed is not as cool as it seems IMHO).
  • Be realistic-This is mostly for those individuals who go to the gym 7 days a week for the first two weeks of school. That shit is just not possible to keep up all semester long. Once school gets going everybody has more and more on their plate, so its just not reasonable to say you’re going to go to the gym everyday. Set a realistic goal for YOU. If you never work out, don’t even set up a 4 day per week plan, just do 2-3 days and work your way up. I see it over and over with so many of my friends, they go strong for the first week or two then they say F it because they have so much shit going on. You know yourself better than anybody else, so set up a program/schedule that works for you. Committing to 2 days per week for the entire semester will have you much better off come holiday-all-you-can-eat time than being more on and off, guaranteed.
  • Gym Times

1) Look at your class schedule and pick days/ times you are able to go workout.

2) Go at times that it is less crowded. At Oklahoma State I usually went in the morning or early afternoon so I could get whatever machine or free weights I wanted. If I went between 6-10pm I would have to wait in line for certain things, and sometimes causing my workouts to be cut short, or last all night because of wait time. So pick a time where you can get in, do what you need to do, and get out.

3) For you ladies, if you’re into group classes, go get the class schedule and put it on your fridge. Classes can provide accountability and make working out more fun!

4) Get a partner. People are more likely to show up AND push themselves harder when working in a small group or with partners. Find a friend with similar availability to you, and be accountable!

  • Establish Goal- Whether you want to maintain, put on muscle, slim down, tighten up, or whatever else I suggest picking a goal, and writing it down. In my dorm room I put up a white board with goals of the day and goals of the semester, and one of those semester goals is always fitness related. When you write down your goal, studies show you are more likely to accomplish it. So pick a goal, make sure it’s realistic, and stick to it!
I hope these tips help you out in your fitness goals this semester! Good luck in your classes, and welcome back to school!

Cheat Meals 101

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I usually eat pretty clean for five days a week (see on how I usually eat), but every 3-4 days for dinner I have a “cheat meal”. My cheat meals are balls-out! When I cheat I don’t play around, I grub on a greasy ass meal. My two cheat meal days are Wednesday & Friday, and when I pick two days out of the week like this it gives me motivation to eat clean on days that I am suppose to. Cheat meals are awesome because you can take all those carbs and calories and put it towards building muscle with heavy workouts! It also helps reset hunger hormones so that my metabolism stays high.

Below I put a couple of tips and suggestions on what/how to eat, but these are only suggestions, so if you want a quadruple scoop ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins that is up to you.

As you all know I am also in college, so it would be naive to tell you to stay on a strict diet ALL the time. Try to eat clean for 5 out of 7 days every week, and on your “cheat days” do your thing. Usually on Saturday nights I’ll hit up Five Guys, get a 3-4 patty bacon cheeseburger and a ton of fries, then go out with my friends and drink. With the amount of carbs and calories I consume while maintaining a high-volume consistent lifting schedule, I am doing my best to maximize muscle building! So enjoy your cheat days because you don’t get many! Do it up right!


  1. Do HIGH intensity/Heavy workouts on your on your cheat meal days (I usually kill my legs on cheat days)
  2. Get foods high in fats, carbohydrates, and protein.
  3. A party pack of skittles probably is NOT the best cheat meal because it is pure sugar (but hey, its your cheat meal) **And sugar and insulin have been shown to increase acne, just a little fyi**
  4.  Try hard to stick to your “Cheat Days,” if cheat day is Friday, don’t kill a bad of chips and a side of doughnuts on Thursday
  5. Eat your meal for dinner, post-workout.
  1. Five Guys = Triple-patty Bacon Cheeseburger & Fries
  2. Pizza Hut = Meat-lovers pizza, cal-zone, wings
  3. Wendy’s = Chicken nuggets & fries, burgers
  4. Italian Restaurant = Any pasta
  5. Arbys = Triple Roast Beef Sandwich
  6. Mexican Restaurant = Chicken Quesadillas/Fajitas
  7. Hot Dogs
  8. Subway- Club sandwich with EVERYTHING on it

Killer Leg Workout

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In high school, and my freshman year of college I did not give a shit what I ate. I would knock out some fruity pebbles for breakfast, kill a turkey sandwich & chips for lunch, eat a pound of pasta for dinner, and finish the day off with a bag of popcorn. As college kids, we eat like shit, put on 15 pounds in a semester, and think it is because of the the beer (which definitely does not help the cause). But unless you’re killing a 12 pack to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, lets consider that it may be because of something else. Like your diet? Lack of exercise? As terrible as my diet was, I still think I ate better than many of my peers.

Over the past year, especially the last couple of months, my diet has completely changed.  And just this summer, I cleaned up my diet even more, got consistent with heavy lifting and was able to put on 8 lbs of lean muscle in 4 weeks. My bf% stayed the same at 9%, which means I gained zero fat, all muscle! I ate my ass off, but also made good, clean choices and was never hungry.  Below are the print-outs from my body fat scale, dated 4 weeks apart.

So I am going to take you through a day in the life of eating with DC. The following is not what I do everyday, just a sample, and I do throw in a “cheat meal” every 3-4 days.

9:00 am– 1/3 cup of oatbran cereal (with peanut butter mixed in), 3 egg whites, 3 whole eggs.

10:30am– “Think Thin” Protein Bar-chocolate peanut butter is the flavor I like

1:00pm– ground turkey meat (1 lb.), mixed with chopped spinach, and topped with salsa. (This shit sounds/looks nasty as hell, I am aware of that, but I swear to you it actually tastes really good.)

3:00pm– Protein shake (2 scoops of vanillia whey protein mixed with water in a shaker)

5:00pm– 2 chicken breasts, 3 baked poatos, and asparagus.

7:00pm– POST WORKOUT- Big ass booboo shake. 2 scoops of vanilla whey protein, 3 tbs peanut butter, 1 tbs honey, 1 whole banana.

8:30pm-Cherry shake (dump cherries in blender, fill up with water to top of cherries, blend)

*Like I said this is just a sample of how I eat during the week, and this schedule will not work for everybody I understand that. The goal of this is just to give you a sample of the types of foods and how often you should be eating if you want to put on LEAN muscle. Keep an eye out for my new training and diet program “Get Big, Don’t Get Fat: How to Put on 8lbs of Muscle in 4 Weeks” which I will be rolling out in the next couple weeks.  I will be giving you the exact meal plans, training protocols, tips and tricks I used to do it.

**Ladies, I understand you do not want to look like a big ass dude, but it is important for you to eat just as often to keep your metabolism high! Maybe not the 3 baked potatoes for dinner, but you definitely have to eat! Trust me, a girl with muscles is sexy, a girl that looks like a toothpick, not so much. So make sure you eat AND lift weights! –it’s the tried-and-true way to get leaner.

Almost all college students go to the bars at some time throughout their college careers, or most times, and why wouldn’t they? Going to a bar is a good time! I am always down to go to the bar. I love the social atmosphere, the tunes in the background, all the hunnies (ladies) walking around, and honestly I do like to drink. Most people at Oklahoma State go to the bars on Thursday and Saturday night. So whatever your “bar night” is, whether it is Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, or all days, use these “bar night” tips.

Workout: If you know you are going to go out and drink at night then you should definitely get a heavy workout in. What I do is hit a big ass muscle group such as the chest, back, or legs because when you work those larger muscle groups it produces a higher amount of testosterone. See sample Chest/Back workout below (will take you less than 30 minutes, but it will beat your ass!)

**Do all exercises for 5 minutes STRAIT getting as many reps as you can. You can rest whenever you need to (you WILL have to rest), but do not let any rest last longer than 15 seconds. Even if you have to do 2 reps, rest for 14 seconds, 2 more reps, rest for 14 seconds, etc, that is fine! The goal is to get as many repetitions as you can in 5 minutes.  Use moderate weight for all exercises.**

1) Inclined Dumbbell Bench Press (5 Minutes)

2) Inclined Dumbbell Chest Flies (5 Minutes)

3) One Arm Dumbbell Row- Kneel on flat bench, and rep out as many as you can (2:30 per arm)

4) Seated Cable Row- (5 Minutes)

**It is only 4 exercises, I am aware, but it is really not necessary to stay in the gym for 2 hours, and this circuit is no joke. Good Luck!**

Eating: Whether you eat before you go out, at the bar, or after leaving (See “Late Night Meals”), at some point you will get hungry, and want to eat. Something about alcohol just gives us a craving for food, and food that is greasy as hell, not a grilled chicken salad. What I do is eat before I even go out. I usually cook 2 chicken breasts, asparagus, and some brown rice or a couple baked potatoes. When I eat clean food like that, it helps me build LEAN muscle, and decreases my hunger later that night. Believe me, if you eat all that, you are not going to be hungry later, and you won’t throw up after you drink one beer. Have you ever had a pizza, drank one or two beers, then blew chunks? Funny how that shit happens huh? However, if you do get hungry later that night make sure to watch those bad carbohydrates (bread, chips, etc.). Eat a bacon burger minus the buns, bar nuts, fajitas LOADED with meat, and other protein loaded foods like that.

Drinking: Look, I go to college, I like to have a good time, and I like to drink. I am not going to sit here and bullshit you and say “I watch how much I drink, and limit the number of beers, or gin & tonics I have.” If you want to drink, go for it, but this is where the “workout” tip is important. If you kill a 12-pack, that is a shit load of carbs that can be used to help with muscle building! So make sure you get your workout in! I would workout both the day before, and the day after.

Homework: This is just an extra tip on the side that 99% will pay no attention to. Before you go out, maybe Friday afternoon, try to kill some of your homework so you can enjoy your evening, and your weekend with a little less stress. Do not save it all for Sunday night! I try to do at least one thing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so I do not have a pile of crap to do Sunday night (see “Sunday Recovery”).

These are just a couple of tips to help you stay fit and feel better throughout the weekend. Good luck and I hope they help you out!

100 out of 100 times you walk into a college rec center you will see a majority of big ass dudes doing bench press. I have a couple of friends who go into the gym, do 5 sets  of bench press, and call it a good workout. What is the goal there? To be able to wear a bra? Also, a lot of times walking into the gym I will see a bunch of  dudes with a giant upper body with little chicken legs.

I just wanted to post a quick leg circuit for you to maybe switch it up a little bit? Doing a heavy leg workout will increase the release of testosterone to actually help you put muscle on your upper body as well! Yes, I totally agree that doing legs suck! I try to do legs at least once a week, and I have to make a new playlist for my iPod every week to get all fired up for it. Try this circuit and get your weekly leg workout out of the way in less than 30 minutes.


Circuit #1:

  1. Leg Press (HEAVY WEIGHT!)
  2. Squat Jumps

*Do 10 reps of each, 3 rounds, with a 30-45 second rest after squat jumps

Circuit #2:

  1. Lunges (HEAVY DB!)
  2. Switch Jumps (10 each leg)
  3. Calf Raises (With heavy Barbell on shoulders)

*Again, do 10 reps (each leg) and rest for 30-45 seconds after calf raises. Complete 3 rounds.