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I get a ton of emails from friends (and strangers) on how lose “get in shape” or “lose weight” or “gain muscle”, so I’ll usually respond with some sort of 8-week program, and some diet tips. However, when I follow up with those same individuals a month later to check their progress the usual answer is “I haven’t started yet.” I don’t get it? Why would people take time out of their day to email me, and then not take advantage of the information I give them?


I have found that lifestyle changes are VERY difficult for people. Things like going from an unhealthy to healthy lifestyle, or from a spending money to saving money lifestyle. But why?


People, in general, want to be “Perfectionists”, meaning we have an “all-or-nothing” approach to many things in life. In his book, Being Happy, Tal Ben-Shahar goes into great detail of what a Perfectionist is. General beliefs/descriptions of the Perfectionist are: focused on a destination (rather than being present in the process), a fear of failure (resulting in inaction), All-or-Nothing mindset, defensiveness, Faultfinder tendencies (“A faultfinder will find faults even in paradise” -Henry David Thoreau), harsh (on themselves, and others), and tend to be very rigid. Most of us has some sort of Perfectionist in us.

This is why it is so difficult for us to keep our New Year’s resolutions, change our bodies, change our minds, change our spending habits, and all other lifestyle changes. We try to do it all-the-way or not at all.


Let’s use this Perfectionist model with fitness. How can you possibly expect to go from never working out and eating fast food everyday, to working out six days per week on a chicken & asparagus diet? It is absurd to think you can do this. It is the same thing as waking up today, and saying  “next week I am going to go do Olympic trial runs.” Olympians train for years and years and years to get where they are! The key to change is small victories. For every small victory you have, pat yourself on the back, and be happy about it! Here are some tips on how to go from not doing ANYTHING to living a healthier, more fit, life.


  • JUST GO to the gym: Do not set a ridiculous goal of going to the gym 6 days/week for 2 hours/day. Begin with 1-2 days for just thirty minutes each session. For the next 4-6 weeks make it a habit to get your 1-2 days. Write up a workout and just do that same routine for the next 4-6 weeks. After that 4-6 weeks is up (and you succeed!) be happy about it! Congratulate yourself, and then maybe add another day or two.
  • ELIMINATE 1-2 things: Look at your current diet, and pick 1-2 things that you can limit, or eliminate for the next 4-6 weeks. If you eat pizza 3 nights/week knock it down to zero or one night per week. If you drink alcohol 4 nights/week knock it down to 1-2 nights per week. An idea for the first foods to look at eliminating are:sugar/starchy carbohydrates (such as cereals, breads, candies, chips, cookies, and cakes), and the combination of fats/carbs (such as pizzas, cheeseburgers, alcohol combined with cheese).
  • WRITE DOWN your goals: I am the WORST at writing down my goals and keeping them. However, I wrote down my New Years Resolutions in 2012 for the first time ever. Much to my surprise I am not only still on path with these goals and resolutions, but have already completed some! So write your fitness goals down, and put them somewhere you can see them every single day.
  • DON’T get down on yourself: Maybe you are doing wonderful, and are on track to crush your goals, but then one week you drink three nights in a row, eat two large pizzas/day, and don’t make it to the gym. DO NOT get down on yourself. Just make a conscious choice right to get back on the game plan. Sometimes I will have my diet on lock, be killin’ it in the weight room for two weeks strait, and start telling myself that I look sexy when I check myself out in the mirror. But then I hit the movies, eat a large popcorn, and then refill it (kind of gross, I know. I like it to be wet with butter too! Don’t judge me..). When I walk out of the movies I feel sluggish, tired, and bloated. However, rather than getting mad at myself, and picking up a cheeseburger, and going home to watch TV I go do heavy squats and sprints. I am not saying you have to do squats every time you crush an ice cream this is just what works for me. The point is to ease up on yourself a little bit. If you mess up your plan it’s all good just force yourself to get back on it.
Remember! Celebrate your successes, and learn from your failures. This model will not only work for body change, but any major lifestyle change. How do you implement body change?

College can be stressful, nerve racking, full of uncomfortable/awkward situations, generate anxiety and depression. I know this through my own experiences and just by observing other people. I love to just sit back and watch people in certain situations, and how people respond completely different from one another in the exact same circumstances.

We all get stressed/sad/happy/angry from different things and to different degrees. My stress levels don’t really rise that much during finals week or in a social situations, but I get sad/anxious when I think about my ex-girlfriend, or when I have $4.36 in my bank account, or when I eat a big ass pizza. We are all different in what brings our mood down just as we all seek different outlets to make ourselves feel better.


Some people smoke, some people drink, some people take anti-depressants (which is becoming way more prevalent unfortunately), some people play games/sports, some people exercise, some people (not a lot of people I know) read, and so on. Some of these are probably healthier outlets than others, but I am not here to judge. How people deal with sadness or anger is their business, and people are going to do what makes them feel good because that is what us humans do; we are pleasure seekers.

I wanted to talk about this because I recently came across some interesting research facts. It has been shown that exercise increases mood BETTER than anti-depressants such as Prozac. How interesting is that?! Pushing around heavy shit or running around actually makes you happier than “happy pills”. Plus, as a bonus, when you are exercising there is no voice talking really fast  that says “side effects may include: increased chance of heart disease, internal bleeding, or possibly death”. I know you know what I am talking about, right? Those medication commercials where they list all the negative side effects at the end of the commercial as quickly as possible with a screen shot of a happy couple walking on the beach. yeah.. maybe that was a dumb joke…

So based on how you are feeling, different types of exercise can cause different types of mood change.

Lifting Weights -> Improved Confidence

Running/Longer Duration Cardio -> Increased Mood (Feeling depressed? Go run a stadium!)

Sprinting/High Intensity -> Decreased Anxiety

Research continues to show these positive results correlated with exercise. I personally swear by this! If I pump massive iron (or lift weights that maybe aren’t so massive) I have a new renowned swag of confidence when leaving the gym. When I start to feel kind of sad I will go do a stadium workout (longer duration cardio), and all of a sudden I will be in a great mood. And when I do sprints I feel very calm and peaceful. It is truly astounding!

For me, it is easy because I love to exercise. A lot of people HATE exercise or “mean” to at the end of the day, but are too tired in the evening from a long day. I get that for many people it isn’t easy to consistently go to the gym, but for those days where you are in a funk use your negative emotions to push hard in the gym or out in a field or in your dorm room. Research has also shown that exercise helps with:

  • Cognition: Exercise increases blood flow to brain which helps creativity, problem solving, and smooth talking the hunnies (or guys for you ladies reading this)
  • More Adaptive to Stress: Those who exercise are more emotionally stable which can lead to healthier relationships, and cause people to be less likely to “lose it”
  • Living Longer
  • Prevent Disease: There is NO better drug for ANY disease. Including cancer; people who exercise tend to be less likely to get cancer, and those with cancer who exercise have higher survival rates
  • Mood Enhancement: There is no better mood enhancer than exercise.
  • Better anti-inflammatory than asprin
  • Having Sex: You can mess with all the Viagra you want, but exercise is the BEST thing to do for stronger erections and higher sex drive. Drugs, alcohol, and being overweight are all a bad deal for your sex life.

I hope you guys found these research results as interesting as I did. What kind of exercise do you do? What is your stress free outlet? Leave a comment below 🙂

How to Get Motivated?

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Don't be lazy

The past couple weeks I have been COMPLETELY MIA from my blog. I would pull up my blog page, write one sentence, delete the sentence I just wrote, then go watch ESPN. Don’t get me wrong though I have been VERY busy. I was up in Washington DC for a fitness conference a couple weeks ago, and got to see some cool personal trainers do their thing. I have had a couple friends come into town to visit me. For St Patricks Day I did a “pub crawl” on a party bus (cool, right?). AND most importantly my favorite holiday, March Madness, is going on right now! I was actually at the game where Lehigh upset the #2 seed, Duke (for those of you following the tourny).

I was definitely a Lehigh fan that night

I had a few on #SB2012



It has been a fun month, but I haven’t done ANYTHING productive. My blog has been nonexistent, I have been eating and drinking a bunch of crap, and my workouts have been like this:

1) Walk into gym

2)Pick weight up off of rack

3) Place weight somewhat near a bench

4) Pick the weight back up, put it back on rack

5) Walk out of gym

TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 2 minutes & 36 seconds

I know we ALL have rough days or weeks (or in my case, a whole month) where you do not want to do ANYTHING, so how do we get back on track?

It is hard to get back into working hard when you take a time off to be lazy. Here are some of my ideas to getting back on track:

1) Make a “To-Do List” with easily accomplish-able items. So you can cross off the easy things to build up a sense of accomplishment THEN go after the harder stuff. For example this is what my “To-Do List” looks like.

-Take a shower

-Brush Teeth

-Eat breakfast


-Write Blog

-….. Shit I REALLY do not want to do

2) Get a NASTY workout. I feel much more ambitious after I break a sweat, so I MADE myself do the workout below. Also, to help you get energized before a workout try a cup of coffee OR a pre-workout shake (5g of BCAA & 2g of  Citrulline Malate mixed with water)

Burpee Chains (with 135lb Barbell): Use Rest-Based Training; Do 1 Rep of each, then 2 reps of each, then 3 reps of each, then 4, then 5 reps. That will be one set. Try to complete 3-5 times! I can only do three sets, then I call it a good day….

Push-up (on barbell)

Bent over row

Dead Lift

Push Press


3) Just Do it. If you never start something, you can never finish. When I had something I had to do, but didn’t want to do this is what I would do instead: Eat, nap, watch TV, go on a walk, read the news paper, clean the house, eat some more, go to the movies, do laundry, walk around the mall (I don’t even like to shop!), and 1 million other activities.. BUT when I just do it, it only takes an hour instead of 6 days..

These are just a couple of things that work for me. What do you guys do to stay productive? How do you get back on track once you’ve fallen off?

Today I had my favorite blogger & fitness professional (and sister) do a guest blog for me. My sis, Jill Coleman runs JillFit, and is an AWESOME mentor for me, so I was so happy when she offered to do a guest blog for CB. Here it is! I know you all will enjoy it.


Fast Fat Loss?

Jill Coleman, JillFit Physiques


Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Though it is not optimal, it is quite possible to lose inches and weight quickly in anticipation of an event or vacation, i.e. Spring Break. At College, it can be tough to know what to do and what to avoid if you want to lose a few l-bs before break, considering the challenges of unhealthy food choices, late nights, exams that are sure to stress you out and the socializing that usually accompanies that stress.


However, if you are serious about stepping up your fitness and fat loss game to look and feel good on the beach, there are several steps you can take.


Exercise Tips:

1)     Plan out your workouts for the week. Schedule a time each day that you will get to the gym, put it in your planner and stick to it. In order to step up your game, I recommend 6 days a week, giving yourself 1 full day of rest each week.

2)     Be sure to exercise intensely, as that is more important than duration. For example, 20 minutes of track sprints is a lot more effective than a 60-minute stroll on the elliptical trainer.

3)     Lift weights, but don’t power lift (i.e. long rest periods, and sets in the 1-6 rep range). Power lifting will not get you lean. Instead, opt for 4 sets of 8-12 reps for volume, with 30-90 seconds rest in between sets.


Nutrition tips:

1)     Cut back on the obvious college crap—chips, dips, candy, pizza, burgers, fries, beer, booze, ice cream, etc. If it’s an obvious “I know I shouldn’t be having this food” try to abstain. Doesn’t mean you can’t have it ever, just keep it to one day per week to minimize the damage. The more you can do this, the more your body will respond.

2)     Increase veggies and water. Increasing greens like broccoli, asparagus, salad greens, celery, cucumbers, spinach, green beans, etc while also increasing water (ideally to 3-4 L per day) helps to shed subcutaneously, stripping that water sheen that exists under the skin, so that more definition and cuts can be seen in your physique. Shoot for 5-6 cups veggies a day. Steer clear of starchy veggies like potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, etc.

3)     Count bites of starch. This is a technique borrowed from Metabolic Effect, and it is effective in decreasing insulin surges as a result of huge, high-carb meals. For best results, take 5 bites (doesn’t matter how big J) of starch at each meal only.


For even more results and more specifics broken down, check out College’s Body Spring Break Body Book—very in-depth with specific meal plans, 28 gym workouts, and additional tips for getting the your best beach results.

Spring break is still about two months away, but the preparation process has already started. People are already forming their groups to go with and vacation locations. The one thing that pretty much all of us have in common is we want to have that tight “Spring Break Bod”, so people are already hitting the gym shaping their bodies for one of the best beach weeks of the year for college students. So here are College Body’s tips & tricks so the Spring Break Body you want!

1) Replace ALL Grains/Starchy Foods with Fruits (less sweet) & Veggies: MOST importantly eliminate cereal & sandwiches especially because these are two of the top things found in university dining halls. Replace cereals with protein shakes, and sandwiches with salads. If you MUST have starches in your diet then eat them ONLY in the morning or post-workout. This is not an “eat-this-not-that” type thing meaning choosing whole grain bread over white bread or brown rice over white rice is not acceptable.

2) Eliminate Alcohol: This is probably the most difficult of the three tips for a lot of college students who like to wine down the week with a Saturday night cocktail . I know it can be difficult to go to a party or a bar and just hang out & not have a drink when everybody around you is doing it. However, if you want one of the best bodies in Gulf Shores this is an essential tip to follow. If you must drink, pick one night a week to do it, and dont combine with fat/sugar. So that means no late night pizza when you are a little tipsy Friday night. Also, if you do drink one night a week try to drink one tall glass of water for every cocktail you have; even if it’s at the end of the night when you get home.

3) SIX days/week of Mixed Metabolic Conditioning: This is short duration high intensity exercise (~30 minutes) using Rest-Based Training. After ~30 minutes of high intensity exercise, go on a slow paced leisure walk around campus. The high intensity exercise releases fat from the cell, and the slow walk post workout may help assure that none of the fat released gets restored. Below is an example of what a mixed Metabolic Conditioning workout may look like:

Bench Press 4×10 Superset with 1-2 min rest in b/t sets
Squat Jumps 90 seconds
Push-ups 5 minute strait set Use RBT
Burpee/Push-up/Curl/Press 5 minutes *Metabolic Chain-up

*Chain-up means to add on a rep to the push-up, curl, and press every time. For example:

  • Burpee/1 Push-up/1 Curl/1 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/2 Push-up/2 Curl/2 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/3 Push-up/3 Curl/3 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/4 Push-up/4 Curl/4 Shoulder Press
  • Burpee/5 Push-up/5 Curl/5 Shoulder Press

And if you get up to five, start back over at 1 rep. Make sense?

These are very strict & difficult rules to follow for the next two months, but for those of you who can stick to these 3 rules will be looking REAL good by the time spring break rolls through. ALSO, don’t miss the “4-Weeks to the Best Spring Break Body” plan coming out soon!

My “Day in the Life” blogs seem to get a lot of positive feedback for some reason, so I figured I was due for another one. For most college students around the U.S. this is the last week of vacation before classes start. Going into my little “winter break” I weighed 197 lbs, and was looking SUPER fly (I thought so anyway..) when I checked myself out in my bathroom mirror. My energy was high, my confidence was nice, my brain was sharp (from all the books I have been reading), and I was feeling good. I left NC to visit my Grandparents in New York on Christmas Eve, and then went home to Texas for a week to visit with family & friends. When I took my vacation I shut down completely.

Instead of eating oatmeal or eggs in the mornings, I ate French Toast & waffles. My dinner turned from Steak & Asparagus to those DiGiorno frozen pizzas (with stuffed crust, soooo good), and instead of a casein shake before bed I would crush a bag of chips…. with dip…. As for my workouts? Pretty much non existent.. I attempted a couple pathetic workouts at home, but my energy was so low I just called it quits & put in a couple hours of Sportscenter.

I DEFINITELY enjoyed myself though. I had a party with my Mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, and party with my Dad’s side Christmas night. THEN I threw a party at my house in Texas for New Years! I am always down for a good party, but it definitely took a toll on my body and mind..

Here was a sample day of my vacation..

12:00pm Wake up

12:05pm Drink a cup of coffee

12:11pm Pick up book

12:12pm Put book down

12:13pm See whats up in the sports world

2:00pm Still on the couch, so I make those Eggo waffles…. five of them..

2:30pm Attempt to workout

2:40pm hit the showers

3:00pm Go hang with friends

5:00pm Go to a Mexican Restaurant: Eat 2 baskets of chips (with salsa), order a big ass Margarita, eat some enchiladas..

7:00pm Go be social….

Not that there is anything wrong with a day like that, but 10 in a row of doing NOTHING seems a little extreme.. I currently weigh 184 lbs, and have next to ZERO energy.. So I lost 13 lbs, and my mind is exhausted!

Got to kick it with my bros a little bit! 

That’s called a “Lavender Lemonade”, and it’s a small possibility it’s mine…

This week I am back in NC, and in “recovery mode”. To get back on track here are the things I am doing this week:

  1. Write down workout schedule & diet: It I write stuff down I am more likely to do it. The ONLY thing I feel like doing is sitting on the couch, so when I write a schedule down I feel guilty if I don’t stick to it. This helps me get back into the flow even when I’m not feelin’ it.
  2. Drinking Water: Not a little bit, but A LOT of water. I made an investment in one of those big ass gallon water bottles to help get my metabolism back on track & rehydrate after 10 days of dehydrating, booze and salty-ass food.
  3. Eliminate the “junk”: I am putting down the sweet & salty snacks down, and getting back into my regular diet.
  4. Read:  I have never been a big reader, but I have been forcing myself to read as much as possible so 1) I can use smooth words when making moves on the ladies 2) become a more interesting person, and 3) “With knowledge comes confidence”. I stopped reading over my vacation so time to get back into it!
  5. Wake Up Early: Starting my day earlier makes me feel more productive. Maybe that’s just me though..

How are you guys “detoxing” from your vacation as you get ready for school to start? Let me know at

All-Nighter Tips

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Don't be lazy, Mental Health

I am not one to pull an “all-nighter.” Even if I have a test the next day that I am not prepared for, I usually choose to get a couple extra Z’s rather than study. However, there have been a couple nights (usually during finals week) that I have made it through the whole night, and went to class with NO sleep. I know some of you guys probably do this on a regular baisis, so I put together some tips that will help you out.

Elevate Feet– Anything that gets blood to your head is going to “make you smarter” research shows. So if you are reading a textbook or looking over notes, you might as well chill out and kick your feet up.

Short Breaks– Take multiple breaks (every thirty minutes) because it is shown that you remember what you learn at the beginning and the end of a study session and not so much the stuff in the middle. Therefore if you take a break after 30 minutes, rather than 2-3 hours, you should remember more!

Blitzes– You should do these during your break mentioned above. A blitz is a one minute burst of an exercise. I recommend studying for 30 minutes, do a blitz, study 30 more minutes, do a one minute blitz, etc. When you exercise, it acts as a mental “reset,” getting more blood to the brain via opening up of the arteries leading to the brain (vasodilation)–blood in the brain is a good thing–helping to power mental function, i.e. focus and memorization (from the book Spark by John Ratey)!  Below I listed a couple ideas for blitzes.

  • Push Ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Dips (using bed, desk, chair,etc)
  • Burpees
  • Squat Jumps
  • Switch Jumps

**Or get creative with it! Maybe try chain movements? 1 squat/1 squat jump/1 squat/2 SJ/1 squat/ 3SJ seeing how high you can get in a minute? All of these things can be done in a dorm room with nothing but body weight.

BCAA’s-Branch chain amino acids help stabilize blood sugar. I recommend taking 5g every 3-4 hours to avoid blood sugar swings caused by the stress hormone cortisol.  We all know staying up all night trying to beat a deadline is stressful as hell so doing everything you can to help lower stress hormones is beneficial. BCAAs also help to maintain muscle.

Avoid Big Meals– Do not crush 2 Big Macs, a supersized french fry, 6 apple pies, and a diet coke right before you head out to the library for the night. When crushing a big meal it sends blood rushing to the stomach, rather than the brain. Also, you are sending your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride–energetic one minute, in an insulin coma the next. Instead, choose smaller meals spread out, and eat a serving of protein at each meal, which will stabilize blood sugar levels, allowing you to stay focused for longer. Cortisol will stay in check too.

Eat SMALL Meals– If you are staying up all night, it is important to eat small meals throughout the night consisting of protein to help control stress hormones.

Black Coffee-While shopping for beverages skip out on the Red Bull, Monster, & Mountain Dew. If you need a drink to keep you awake go with black coffee, or unsweetened cocoa powder mixed with water (at stevia or splenda to sweeten) to make a fake hot chocolate. Cocoa helps to boost mood, lowers cravings for sweets and supports the health of your adrenals better than coffee or red bull. I also like green tea, it’s a little lower on the caffeine scale, but it’s also a natural estrogen detoxifier, so if you currently have man-boobs, you better start drinking it.

Sleep (the next day)-When you miss out on a whole night of sleep it’s important to get rest as soon as you can. If I pulled an all nighter, I would go take my test, come home, and knock out for the day. Remember, sleep is the body’s “reset” button so even if you can only get a few hours in, it’s worth it.

Example of one-minute blitz

Be active! (Yeah, you are witnessing a hole in one)


To some, going to the gym to pump massive iron, or hop on a treadmill for 45 minutes is the last thing they feel like doing. I can relate to that in a sense that I HATE doing cardio. I hate treadmills, elliptical machines, tracks, stadiums, running, or whatever else falls into that horrific category. I try to lift weights at a high intensity so that “counts” as my cardio exercise.

A couple nights ago I was presented with an offer to try a new way to get my cardio in. I met these girls at Wake Forest University, and they said to come to “cardio kickboxing class” with them. Here was my thought process:

“Cardio Kick Boxing?.. That sounds like a class for chicks, and I am no chick… Do I look like I need a cardio class?.. I don’t need anybody to teach me how to exercise.. I am a freaking expert, okay!!” (Very stereotypical  dude thought process I am aware)

After my ego came down a couple hundred notches I agreed to go with them. I walked into the class, and turns out I was right about it being a class for girls. It was me and 50 girls in there. My new thought process about cardio kick boxing:

“Nice. Sign me up for the semester.”

This class was no joke though. Turns out all 50 girls in there were seasoned veterans. They were kicking, punching, & moving to the beat in perfect rhythm. I was way out of my league in this class, I had to put my game face on right away because my ego sure as hell was not going to let me get owned by a bunch of girls! At the end of the class, I was exhausted, covered in sweat, and ready to die. BUT I am not going to lie, it was a good time once I got the moves and was moving to the music. There are tons of activities that you can do on a college campus to stay active and fit. Here are my top 4 for you guys to try besides just working out at the gym.

1) Intramurals- Another activity I do for my cardio is play basketball. I LOVE basketball, and I get 2 hours of cardio out of it. Try any sport your campus has to offer. They have main sports like basketball, football, softball, volleyball, and soccer. BUT they also have awesome leagues like table tennis, dodgeball, sand volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, racquetball, and some colleges just make up sports for you to try! Do it.

2) Fitness Classes- Most universities offer fitness classes at their recreation centers. Pick up a schedule and find one that looks cool to you. Guys, if you think it’s “just for girls” or “uncool” then stay over by the dumbbells with a bunch of other sweaty dudes. The classes are a good workout and full of hunnies! It’s a freaking double play! Do it.

3) Clubs- You probably have no idea how many clubs your school has, but let me tell you. It’s hundreds! Find one that involves something active based on your interest whether it’s a running club, jumping club, dancing club, sports club, or whatever else you could possibly be interested in. Do it.

4) Trips- More and more colleges are offering “outdoor adventures.” This is next on my to do list. They go to awesome places, and do awesome activities! They do white water rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, and all sorts of other crazy stuff. AND sometimes the school funds it, so you could go to the grand canyon for FREE99!! Do it. 

SO, for those of you who want no part of a gym, that is fine, and I can dig that because we are all different & enjoy different things. However, it is important for us ALL to be active in some way. The reason we all turn from slim & energetic when we graduate high school, into lazy and fat when we graduate college is because we eat, drink, and sit around swapping man stories all day everyday. Which is fine if you that is what you want, but to be in shape you have to DO SOMETHING. The amount of things to do on a college campus is unreal! So go out and do it.

There seems to be a misconception that all I eat is healthy food, ALL THE TIME. I recently was told that I may have orthorexia nervosa, and since I am no physician I immediately googled the shit. From what I understand, orthorexia nervosa is referred to as “an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating,” and can lead to malnutrition or even death (and that it’s not a medically recognized term). WTF? I was stunned. If I am giving off this impression, then I have to correct it right away.

The reason I started College Body was to give out useful information that other people my age can relate to. If I come off as a ridiculously healthy eater nobody is going to relate to me because the fact is that Chick Fila tastes good, to drink alcohol with friends is a good time, and my favorite food sure as hell is not asparagus.

I am by no means on a fitness model type diet, BUT what I think I do well is not let the shit I eat go towards fat storage and beer belly enhancing. Let me give you an example of my personal problems AND solutions, so you can understand that I do attempt to eat healthy a majority of the time, but by no means stick to it perfectly.

Problem #1: I love the movies, so I go a lot, and most of the time by myself. My issue? I love movie theater popcorn MORE than the movies, so I every time I go I order a popcorn. And I am not here to bullshit you, I order a large, with butter (extra), and yes, I eat it all.

Solution #1: It never fails, every time I leave the movies I feel sick as hell. My solution? I go workout like a mad man. I go strait to the gym, usually to do a HEAVY leg workout at a very high intensity, then go to the track and do sprints. Does this erase the 500g of carbs I just killed? HELL NO. It does however help to veer those carbohydrates towards muscle building rather than fat storage, and it helps increase my mood. I am not going to have a metabolism that runs at a ridiculous pace forever, so I might as well take advantage of it now.

Problem #2: I am Irish in ancestry, and proud to be (my dad wouldn’t let me not be proud, but I am regardless). So what comes with being an Irish man? We enjoy an occasional cocktail, or more than occasional. Maybe I am using being Irish as an excuse, but either way I like to go out and drink alcohol with my friends.

Solution #2: Every time I drink, I DESTROY bottles of water before I go to bed. I aim to kill about a liter before I lay down. This helps me so I don’t feel like shit the whole next day, and get nothing done. Then, I drink coconut water in the morning (or Gatorade) to get my electrolytes back to balance. Finally, instead of getting another $2 beer at last call, I save my last $2 and invest in a gallon water jug the next morning. All a hangover is is dehydration (combo of water depletion and mineral depletion), so if I am not dehydrated, how can I be hungover?

Problem #3: I am lazy when it comes to cooking, probably similar to some of you, so I love the idea of fast food. 1) It’s affordable 2) It’s freaking fast and 3) you don’t even have to leave your car to get it! 3-point play? Why yes, yes it is.

Solution #3: I made a decision a while ago that I will only go to certain places. I don’t do McDolanalds or Taco Bell anymore. There are only two places you will see me pull through, Chick Fila and Wendy’s. Those are my spots, so if either of those are not around I cannot get fast food. It is just something that I conditioned in my mind that McDonalds soggy buns, and Taco Bell’s fake meat gross me out. It takes a while to condition yourself, especially if you are like 98% of college kids that are addicted to fast food. So if I do end up at my spots, I always order something loaded with protein. Like a “baconator”from Wendy’s or 3 Chick Fila sandwhiches.

These are just some of my personal unhealthy tendencies. We are all different and have our own food issues. However, I do try to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle so I can have more energy throughout the day, live longer, and look sexier for the ladies. Since I attempt to live this healthy lifestyle I just put out tips that I think you guys may find useful because they work for me, but I do not want to come off as a “perfect eater” by any means because that is not the case. Would love to hear how you guys deal with your unhealthy tendencies! Shoot me an email ( or post them in the comments section of this blog.

Me crushing an ice cream. No big deal.Me Crushing an Ice Cream

Since today is Friday I wanted to throw together some quick tips for you to use so you don’t TOTALLY throw all your hard work from the week out the window. I know the last thing on your mind after a long week at school is “how can I stay healthy at the bar tonight” but my hope is maybe you just use a couple of these tips below. I promise come Saturday morning you will be glad you tried them.


1) High Intensity Workout– I would suggest getting a workout in sometime Friday afternoon or evening, and I would make it a high intensity workout. For those of us who enjoy having a cocktail Friday night it will help to CRUSH it in the weight room before you go out, so those carbs go towards muscle building rather than “belly building.” For me, I usually go to the gym around 6:00pm because 1) most people don’t go to the gym Friday, so it is empty, and 2) I don’t go out until later anyway so I might as well get a good workout in. Also, after I work out I have more energy, feel great, and I’m ready to socialize. I usually do legs on Friday because it causes me to sweat profusely, and it generates more testosterone than working any other muscle group, so if I have a couple Bud Lights all the carbs go towards A LOT of muscle building! Below I provided sample leg workouts.


Squats 12-15 reps Light-Moderate Weight 4 sets


Step-up/Squats 6 per leg Use Heavy DB *3-5 rounds
Leg Extensions 8-12 Medium Weight
Squat Jumps 12-15 N/A


Lunges 10 per leg Moderate-Heavy Weight *3-4 rounds
Leg Curls 10 Moderate weight  


  • Squats, Heavy weight, 5 sets, 8-10 reps
                             *Last set is a “drop set”-Cut the weight at LEAST in half and get 20 reps
  • Shrugs, heavy weight, 3 sets of ten, 10 reps
  • Dead Lift, heavy weight 4 sets, 6 reps
  • Lunges, Heavy DB (dumbbells), 4 sets 10-12 reps/leg
  • Switch Jumps, 1 round, 60 seconds.


2) Choice of Beverage- This tip I do not expect many people to follow, but I figured I would mention it anyway. Some people LOVE Coke & Rum, or Hawaiian Punch & Vodka, or Budweiser, and THAT is what they are going to drink all night. These are just a couple suggestions that may help you stay a little healthier.

  • SUB IN- Club Soda & Vodka; SUB OUT Sprite & Vodka
  • SUB IN Diet Coke & Rum; SUB OUT Rum & Coke- not a whole lot healthier, but a step in the right direction
  •  SUB IN Sugar Free Red Bull & Vodka; SUB OUT Red Bull & Vodka
  • SUB IN Bud Light; SUB OUT Budweiser- less carbs per bottle, but maybe you think “pansies” drink Bud Light, or “it tastes like water.” That’s fine, just stick with your Budweiser then.

3) PRE-GAME with food?– No, a 12-pack of Keystone light is not a satisfactory dinner no matter what your fratenity brothers say. Also, Eskimo Joe’s Cheese Fries (Oklahoma State Thing) do not count as a well balanced dinner. Knowing you are probably going to get a satisfactory amount of carbohydrates later that night I recommend having a protein loaded meal for dinner.

  • 2 chicken breasts & broccoli
  • 8 oz steak & asparagus
  • 2-3 cans of tunafish
  • Burgers (no bun) w/ low fat cheese

4) Stay Hydrated- The reason you wake up on Saturday with a headache, yellow pee, body ache, stomach ache, or any other crappy feeling is because you are dehydrated. If I plan on having a couple drinks Friday night I try to drink at least 3-4 liters throughout the day, and I ALWAYS drink a liter of water before I go to bed at night. I promise you staying up that extra 20 minutes to kill that liter will all be worth it in the morning.


These are not difficult tips to follow, and I promise they will be worth your time. Use these tips tonight, and it won’t take you a full Saturday to recover! Good luck and TGIF!