How to Get Motivated?

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Don't be lazy

The past couple weeks I have been COMPLETELY MIA from my blog. I would pull up my blog page, write one sentence, delete the sentence I just wrote, then go watch ESPN. Don’t get me wrong though I have been VERY busy. I was up in Washington DC for a fitness conference a couple weeks ago, and got to see some cool personal trainers do their thing. I have had a couple friends come into town to visit me. For St Patricks Day I did a “pub crawl” on a party bus (cool, right?). AND most importantly my favorite holiday, March Madness, is going on right now! I was actually at the game where Lehigh upset the #2 seed, Duke (for those of you following the tourny).

I was definitely a Lehigh fan that night

I had a few on #SB2012



It has been a fun month, but I haven’t done ANYTHING productive. My blog has been nonexistent, I have been eating and drinking a bunch of crap, and my workouts have been like this:

1) Walk into gym

2)Pick weight up off of rack

3) Place weight somewhat near a bench

4) Pick the weight back up, put it back on rack

5) Walk out of gym

TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 2 minutes & 36 seconds

I know we ALL have rough days or weeks (or in my case, a whole month) where you do not want to do ANYTHING, so how do we get back on track?

It is hard to get back into working hard when you take a time off to be lazy. Here are some of my ideas to getting back on track:

1) Make a “To-Do List” with easily accomplish-able items. So you can cross off the easy things to build up a sense of accomplishment THEN go after the harder stuff. For example this is what my “To-Do List” looks like.

-Take a shower

-Brush Teeth

-Eat breakfast


-Write Blog

-….. Shit I REALLY do not want to do

2) Get a NASTY workout. I feel much more ambitious after I break a sweat, so I MADE myself do the workout below. Also, to help you get energized before a workout try a cup of coffee OR a pre-workout shake (5g of BCAA & 2g of  Citrulline Malate mixed with water)

Burpee Chains (with 135lb Barbell): Use Rest-Based Training; Do 1 Rep of each, then 2 reps of each, then 3 reps of each, then 4, then 5 reps. That will be one set. Try to complete 3-5 times! I can only do three sets, then I call it a good day….

Push-up (on barbell)

Bent over row

Dead Lift

Push Press


3) Just Do it. If you never start something, you can never finish. When I had something I had to do, but didn’t want to do this is what I would do instead: Eat, nap, watch TV, go on a walk, read the news paper, clean the house, eat some more, go to the movies, do laundry, walk around the mall (I don’t even like to shop!), and 1 million other activities.. BUT when I just do it, it only takes an hour instead of 6 days..

These are just a couple of things that work for me. What do you guys do to stay productive? How do you get back on track once you’ve fallen off?

  1. Amanda says:

    ah good post! glad to see you back in action 🙂 one way i make myself workout if i’m dragging is to go ahead and take my pre-workout supp’s (l-arg, cit mall, bcaa) — then mentally I feel like I HAVE to workout, otherwise it’s a waste of supplements! but my trouble isn’t going to workout, it’s giving myself a kick ass workout. I am excellent at half ass workouts though…

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