5 Traits A Girl Looks For In A Guy (Guest Post by Tonya Vrba)

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Relationships/Dating

A couple weeks ago I blogged about the top 5 qualities a guy looks for in a girl. So it is only fair to provide an opinion from the opposite point of view. However, since I don’t know what it is like to think like a female, I had blogger Tonya Vrba help me out! So here is something for my fellow dudes to think about!

Author Bio: Tonya Vrba is a passionate writer. Her work has been published in newspapers and blogs. She is currently an active writer for Online Dating Sites. Learn more about Tonya and her work at her personal websitetonyavrba.wordpress.com.

Five Qualities Women Find Attractive in Men

It’s an age old question: what do women want? Just like women, men have a constant craving to know what the opposite sex finds attractive. Here are 5 qualities women love to see in men that creates immediate attraction.

1)      A big brilliant smile goes a long way. Smiles tell women many things. If you show your teeth you appear confident. If you add a laugh to the smile we see your happiness. There is nothing like meeting the eyes of a man and seeing his face light up at the sight of you. All those pictures you took with your arms crossed and a frown on your face are fine if you want to be a body guard. If you want to attract a woman, turn that frown upside-down

2)      Protect us. Some may say that a woman needs a strong or muscular man, but that is a flawed idea. It’s not all about the looks; it’s about how safe we feel with you. Any good hearted woman will not judge you on your physical flaws. Instead, we want to know that you are there for us. When we have a bad day, when we get into fights with friends, or when someone is being rude to us in public we want you to come to our rescue. Women want their men to be their hero.

3)      Be a family man. Women want to know that their man has a soft side as well. Listening to how important your mom is to you or watching you play with your nieces and nephews is amazing. Even if a woman doesn’t plan on having a family of her own, the amount of care and devotion a man shows his family is also reflective of the devotion you may show your life partner some day. Being a family man is not always about wanting a family; it’s about the love and compassion to show to the most important people in your life. It’s important to note the term family is used loosely here. If you are not close to your blood relatives, perhaps your friends are your family. The same rules apply.

4)      Honesty is key. Don’t forget this one, guys. Honesty is more than just not cheating on us. We want to be able to talk to you and get your honest answer. If we ask if a pair of jeans looks good on us, tell us the truth. If you’re really not ready to meet our parents yet, then say so. We ask your opinion for a reason.

5)      Take control. Women are strong and we like it that way. We like to make our own decisions and live our life the way we want. That being said, sometimes we need a man to take control. If you bow to a woman’s every whim, we may start to feel less like your lover and more like your caretaker. If there is something you really want to do, then take control and make it happen. Just remember to be respectful of our feelings in the process.

The woman of your dreams will love you for who you are. Don’t freak out about your appearance aside from being healthy. Women are often looking for qualities that define you as an individual. We want to admire you and we want you to be our hero. Be confident in yourself and women will fall at your feet. Don’t forget to smile.

Thanks for hooking up a guest post, Tonya! Do you ladies agree? Leave a comment or send me an email at collegebody.gmail.com

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