How to Improve Your Confidence

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Relationships/Dating

What’s up guys?! I have been MIA, I know, but a lot has been going on!

1) I just finished my Spring Break Program AHHhhhhhh yeeeeaaaa!!

2) I have been studying to get ACSM certified, so I can become a VIP Personal Trainer


3) I FINALLY transferred my blog to my own URl! It’s about time, right?


A couple of blogs ago I told you guys how much I like reading about the ladies/dating/relationship stuff, and I wrote my first dating/relationship blog. A lot of you really seemed to relate to it and like it! So here I am to write about something else dealing with dating. Both guys and girls are attracted to confidence. A confident dude/girl just has a certain feel about them that we want to be around, don’t they? Confidence is something you can just feel on somebody. The way they walk, talk, smile, do things, etc. You can just feel it on another person, and it is appealing to you. However, there is a VERY fine line between confidence & arrogance, and us dudes have serious issues on separating the two.



Chances are, if you feel the need to talk about yourself, it’s going to come off as arrogance, which is really just a cover up for insecurity. Those who can sit, listen, and be genuinely interested in another individual are the confident ones. I mean it makes sense, right? If you can just cool-aid & not feel the internal need to tell somebody all your wonderful qualities that probably means you are comfortable with who you are, so you don’t have to tell anybody else, right?


Everybody wants to be MORE confident, but that shit is not easy I get that. So today I am going to hook you up with College Body’s top tips for increasing your confidence.


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: “Practice makes perfect” The more you practice getting out of your comfort zone, the more comfortable you will feel in “uncomfortable” situations, ultimately making you never uncomfortable, which equals more confidence! Does that make sense or not even slightly? This is the hardest one to practice on this list because nobody is down to feel uncomfortable, ESPECIALLY on a college campus. Don’t act like you’ve never met somebody one night at a party (maybe because you’ve had a few drinks?), then saw them on Monday across campus, but you both ignore each other. Just because it is comfortable to not engage in a conversation with them. So every opportunity you get to step out of your zone, do so! If you feel uncomfortable asking questions in class, ask more questions. If you are uncomfortable talking to the opposite sex, talk more. If you are uncomfortable dancing at a party, dance more! Anything that you have to say “I will look/feel stupid”, do it! Good luck 🙂

Act Confidently: This is CRAZY how this method works! Actually walk around and PRETEND to be confident even if you’re not. EVERY single time I teach an exercise class I get so nervous & insecure on the inside, but right before I start to teach I consciously change how I act. I make my voice a little deeper, talk a little more clearly, smile, and change how I walk. I am kind of a “drooped shoulders” walker, but when I walk in I push out my chest and walk with a little swag. The way people respond is INSANE. They say how much the loved the class, and are drawn towards me SO much more than when I am just sitting quietly in all of my school classes. Crazy right? All because I pretend!

Just Know EVERYBODY Is Insecure: This one is something that we ALL forget. EVERYBODY IS INSECURE. Every single person you walk past has their own insecurities & own issues. If you think they are judging you, guess what? They are thinking the SAME THING! Those who realize this will feel a world of weight lifted off their shoulders.

Small signs that give the other person a sense that you are confident or not:

1) How you walk: Walking around with heavy shoulders, eyes facing down, or your steps are unsure are all signs of somebody who is not confident. When you walk know where you are going, and go there with a little swag in your step

2) How you shake hands: What a lot of people don’t know is that BOTH too light of a handshake AND too strong of a handshake show a lack of confidence. If somebody is too heavy they are trying to overcompensate for their insecurity (kind of like the arrogant talking individual), and nobody likes blood flow cut off in their hand anyway.. Something to keep in mind

3) How you talk: Shaky & quiet voices are cues to somebody else that you lack confidence.


These are very difficult concepts to grasp. I know it is a difficult thing to overcome the insecurities we have because of the pressure society puts on all of us. There is no switch you’ll be able to hit and all of a sudden you will have these things. This will take PRACTICE & time! However, if you can improve in these areas, you will see your confidence DRASTICALLY improve compared to your peers.


What situations make you feel uncomfortable? Let me know!


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