Full Body “Get Ripped” Workout…… In just 20 minutes

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Put on muscle, Stay lean

Hey guys! I know every time I go on vacation College Body shuts down, so I am trying to put up a couple posts on this vacation so College Body doesn’t go to “College Snoozy”. Here is a quick workout for you guys to try that will F you up in just 20 minutes.


1) Set your watch for 20 minutes

2) Put a moderately heavy weight on a barbell

3) Complete 5 repititions of each movement before moving on to the next movement

4) This is a “rest-based” workout, so rest as often and as much as you need to

5) See how many times you can get through all three circuits.. Good luck


**Have a cool workout to share? Email Collegebody@gmail.com

Push-ups 5
Bent Over Row 5
Power Clean/Push Press 5



Push-ups 5
Bent Over Row 5
Dead Lift 5
Barbell Squats 5


Push Ups 5
Bent Over Rows 5
Dead Lift 5
Push Press 5
  1. runningperspective says:

    i LOVE workouts like this!!!!! its all about PUSHING YOURSELF to the max and just bringing it! love this! definitely adding this one to my routine!!!!

  2. College Body says:

    Right?! I’m all about the quote in your blog today btw

  3. Sweetly Fit says:

    This sounds great! When you really focus on the quality of your workout instead of quantity, you can get an outstanding workout accomplished in 20 minutes. Definitely planning on trying it. 🙂

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