10 Tips to be Happy :D

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Mental Health

Hey guys, I know CB has been MIA lately, but it’s because I have been working on my ebook “The Dorm Diet” the past two weeks! I think it’s pretty bad ass to tell you the truth. I never really worked on something that hard, and had a vision of what I wanted it to look like, and then succeeded at creating it! Usually I have all these wonderful ideas, and then just end up going to see a movie instead of implementing them. Since I finally finished it, I wanted to post a quick blog for you guys.

I have been reading this book called Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar. Ben-Shahar is a professor at Harvard University whom teaches one of the most popular class at Harvard on positive psychology. Reading his book has had me thinking about college kids all over the world and how happy they are. Honestly, college students can be some of the most unpleasant & depressed individuals in the world. Some schools have multiple suicides every single year! EVERY YEAR kids are ending their lives because they are so unhappy. That is such a tragic situation.

When I think about it, my freshman year in college was probably the most unhappy I had ever been. All my friends had all these “wonderful” majors like petroleum engineers, pre-law, chemistry, pre-med, etc. and my major was “undeclared”, so I felt all this pressure to decide what I was going to do for the REST OF MY LIFE. I had some issues from the opposite sex, which sounds whack, but that shit is stressful! All my friends couldn’t understand how I was so upset over a girl, but I was, and it was a terrible deal. I had pressure from my parents to do well in my classes, but the shit I was learning was SO uninteresting how could I possibly be “eager to learn”? Maybe that stuff is silly to stress over, but we all have our own thing that can put us down. There are just so many outside factors in this world that can take a huge toll, mentally, on us.

Two years later I am the happiest I have ever been. I enjoy writing these “Mental Health” blogs because that is eventually where I would like to take College Body. From just nutrition & exercise to a complete college lifestyle company. For this blog I put together my top 10 strategies for happiness that helped transform my life, and since they worked for me, hopefully they will work for you too!

1. Exercise: I am big believer in activities. One of my favorite things my father tells me is “do something”. Which is honestly some of the best advice that can be given! Exercise & physical activity is shown over & over again to reduce stress and increase mood. It doesn’t matter what you do. Whether you lift weights, play sports, run, bike, swim, go streaking, and all other activities where you are out and moving are all great forms of exercise! So like my dad says “DO SOMETHING”.

2. Read: All throughout high school I would tell jokes about how I don’t “do reading”. I have since changed this viewpoint that reading is “not cool”. I have actually completely reversed this perspective. I now think reading IS cool. First of all, the hunnies are now attracted to intelligence, so one of the reasons I read is so I can use intelligent sounding pick-up lines. The second reason I read, and why it really helps with happiness is because of all the new perspectives it brings. Every time I finish a book, I always say “damn, I never even thought about that”. Reading is so powerful, and it is just as important to “exercise your mind” as it is to exercise your body.

3. Find Meaning: One of Tal Ben-Shahar’s main points in his book is that a human’s desire for meaning is brings the most pleasure in life. So find something that has meaning to you, whether it is kindness to others, or music, or whatever, and pursue it.

4. Socialize: College is such a melting pot of individuals that are all searching to meet new people & make new friends. Yes, you are going to meet some assholes, and people you just don’t click with, but TRY to put yourself out there.

5. “Do you”: If you attempt to satisfy somebody else than you have lost the desire to satisfy yourself. If you aren’t making yourself happy, noody else will. If you are being somebody that you are not, than there is no way you can be happy. You have just do your thing. Chances are, no matter what you do, people are going to dislike you. If they don’t like you? Fuck them. Excuse my language, but that is the mind set you need to conform to.

6. Get out of “Poor Me” mindset: I can’t beleive they did that to me is not the mindset of a happy person. Shit happens to everybody, and we all think “nobody can understand what I am going through. Every time you “had the worst day ever” there is probably somebody else who is having a worse day. If you think others are DOING things to you, you are going to have a bunch of shit “done to you” throughout life. Example: “My neighbor made me fail my test because he kept me up all night playing loud music, so I couldn’t study.” Yes, that sucks that you have an asshole neighbor, but if you keep telling everybody how bad that sucks, what does that fix? Nothing. This is one of the hardest things to do because that is just how our culture is. We want people to feel bad for us.

8. Laugh: This may just be my thing, but laughter brings me more happiness than anything. I love people with good jokes, I laugh at embarrassing moments, and I love funny movies. I surround myself with people who have good senses of humor, and people who smile a lot. Laughing has been shown in research to decrease stress, and increase mood, so maybe I am on to something?

9. Don’t have expectations: My younger brother Brandon, had this problem when he was younger. Every year for his birthday he would have these parties. He ALWAYS expected them to be these big blowouts like you see on MTV’s Sweet Sixteen (or whatever that show is with all the spoiled kids that have Jay-Z show up to their parties?). But when instead it ended up just being 12 of his friends over for pizza & presents he would get all upset and it would ruin his day. So don’t have expectations of what things should be like because then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Just let things come, and enjoy them as they are happening. Brandon has always excelled at 9 of the 10 elements on this page making him probably one of the happiest people I know. As he as gotten older, he is now getting away from the expectation thing also. This dude is truly what happiness is, and observing him is where these tips come from!

10. Take Risks: “High Risk, High Reward”. Taking SMART risks have resulted in completely transforming the person I was. What do I mean by smart? If your risk is jumping out of an airplane with no parachute I am probably not putting my money on you.

Happy ^

These are my top ten things that have made me 100x happier in the past two years. As always, it is just advice, and you guys can take it or leave it. I hope this something you guys can relate to though! Enjoy your weekend :D.

QUESTION: What makes you happy?

  1. Catherine says:

    I read this the other day and thought it applied!


    And what also applies on a less scientific note, is this quote from Legally Blonde:

    “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

  2. pbbrittany says:

    This is a great post!! I agree with all of them. I always make sure to work out, and I LOVE reading! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break so I can catch up on all my reading 🙂

  3. College Body says:

    Thanks Brittany! I know, me too

  4. Sweetly Fit says:

    awesome tips! I exercise just as much for the mental benefits as I do for the physical benefits. I NEED endorphins in my life!

    I’m sure your ebook is going to be great, good job for working so hard on it!

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