Best Protein Bars

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Don't get fat, Get healthier, Stay lean

A year ago, I would wake up, eat one of those Nature Valley Bars or Nutri-Grain , and call it a good breakfast. I am sure many of you do, or have done, the same thing. Breakfast bars are a good deal, no doubt. You can wake up five minutes before you have to leave to go to class, throw some in your backpack, and make moves. However, the problem with bars like those is that after you eat one, you are hungry 15 minutes later. Last year my morning schedule looked like this:

  1. Wake up
  2. Eat Nutri-Grain bar (blueberry, just fyi)
  3. go to first class
  4. CRUSH extreme amounts of Chick Fila.
Which is a bad deal for staying lean. When looking for bars to keep stocked in your dorm room I recommend following Metabolic Effects “Label Rule.” The rule says; take the total carbohydrates, subtract out “sugar alcohol,” subtract out the total fiber from that, and subtract out the protein from that. The number you get should be <=10. The lower the number is, the better. So check out the example below of my blueberry Nutri-Grain Bar:

Total Carbohydrates (24) – Sugar Alcohol (0) – Total Fiber (3) – Protein (2) = 19 

*Bad deal…

When the bar is higher in protein & fiber it helps you stay fuller for longer, so you don’t destroy two meals at Chick Fila. Staying fuller for longer helps to prevent over-eating, which in turn helps to prevent getting fat. Unless you are carbing up after a brutal weight workout, use the label rule with anything that has a label to keep your waistline in check.

Think Thin: These are my favorite of all of them. I get the “creamy peanut butter” flavor.

  •  SCORE: 23 (C) – 11 (SA) – 1 (F) – 20 (P) = -9

Tanka Bar: These are kinda like a spicy beef jerky.

  • SCORE: 7 (C) – 0 (SA) – 1 (F) – 7 (P) = -1

Power Crunch: These are a wafer type bar with a ton of different flavors.

  • SCORE: 10 (C) – 0 (SA) – 1 (F) -13 (F) = -4

Balance: Again, there are a ton of different flavors, but the “Cookie Dough” is my favorite, so that is the score shown below.

  • SCORE: 22 (C) – 0 (SA)  -1 (F) -15 (P) = 8

Luna Protein: The score shown below is the cookie dough flavor just because that is the kind I get.

  • SCORE: 21 (C) – 0 (SA) – 3 (F) – 12 (P) = 6

One last thing to watch out for are sugar alcohols, like maltitol, xylitol and erythritol. They are natural alternative sweeteners but they are not absorbed completely so while they are better options for fat loss than regular sugar, they may cause GI upset, gas, bloating etc so try to keep it to 1 bar/day if it contains sugar alcohols. Just sayin.

  1. Yo, check this local Austin company out. The creators are all athletes who got tired of eating shit for energy bars.

  2. erin says:

    hey there. almost every bar you posted contains soy…which i avoid like the plague. have you ever tried quest bars? if not, give em a go…chocolate brownie is definitely my fav.

  3. Delia Athey says:

    Jay Robb bars are great too and do not have Sucralose which is the same poison as Splenda.
    •SCORE: 22 (C) – 5 (SA) – 5 (F) – 15 (P) = -3

  4. Angela says:

    Power crunch and Jay Robb bars are my faves. Are there anymore out there like Jay Robb bars that don’t cost as much?

  5. Layne says:

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