Quick Recovery From Sickness Tips

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Don't get sick

Time after time I go to the bathroom, see homeboy leave the urinal, and just walk out like it’s no big thing. Can’t even pretend to wash your hands? There was this one time, I went to the bathroom before one of my classes, and saw this kid leave without washing his hands. After I get out of the bathroom, we are both standing outside our classrooms waiting for the class before ours to get out. We make eye contact, and he decides to introduce himself. Says “hey, my name is blah blah” and STICKS HIS HAND OUT TO SHAKE MY HAND! I pat him on the shoulder and say “hey, I’m Danny” then sprint off into my classroom. I am not a necessarily a “germ freak,” but I would say I am more conscious of germs and bacteria and things than your average human.

College campuses are flowing with germs and bacteria! So naturally pretty much all of us get sick at some point during the year. The reason I am so conscientious of germs is because I HATE being sick. Cold, flu, STD’s, doesn’t matter, I want no part of any  sickness.

The other day I was beginning to get sick, so naturally, I started freaking out. I gathered the College Body Science Team (Jill Coleman & Jade Teta) for advice. The listed all these vitamins, minerals, foods, etc that I should load up on, so I took pretty much all of them, and the next day I felt 100 times better. However, I know most students do not access to the supplements, so I put together a list of some of my favorites that they told me about. Some of these you will find VERY interesting, but they are proven to help.

1) Water- H2O will help tremendously. Just begin to pound water bottle after water bottle to “flush” out the virus.

2) Veggies- Vegetables are loaded with vitamins & minerals to help your immune system heal fast. Just shove them down your throat. Not as good as cheese puffs, but definitely worth it to aid fast recovery.

3) Vitamin C (1000 mg every couple hours)- We all know that Vitamin C is awesome for your immune system, so why do more of us not take it when we are sick? You can get it from all the citrus fruits, but I recommend getting “Emergen-C” (get it?). You can get Emergen-C at grocery stores or supplement stores like GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe. I like it because the have tasty flavors and it is a quick & easy way to get 1000mg of Vitamin c.

4) Zinc- Can decrease length of cold. Jade told me Zinc capsules are probably the best thing to take when you have a cold to get over it quick.

5) Garlic- Garlic is awesome to help & prevent sickness. Just go up to your school cafeteria & ask them to cook some garlic, yes just garlic, for you. You’ll probably get a funny look, but who cares when you recover from sickness twice as fast as your peers!

6) Rest- You HAVE to get some R&R. Just take a day off from working out, or whatever activity you do, get lots of sleep, and wake up feeling fresh & recovered the next day.

*These next couple I found interesting, feel free to try them, I am interested to see if they work for you guys.

5) Hot Bath- Take a VERY HOT bath. I mean as hot as you can stand. Stay in for as long as you can, get out, and immediately wrap yourself in a blanket. You will start to sweat profusely which induces fever–> fever helps body heal!

6) Hot & Cold Showers- Take a wicked HOT shower for about 3 minutes, then drop the water to COLD for about a minute. Go back and fourth like this for a couple rounds.

7) Cold Socks Treatment– This one is probably my favorite that Jade told me about. Take a pair of cotton socks & a pair of wool socks. Take the cotton socks, wet them, & place them in the freezer. Yes, the freezer. When cold, take the cold cotton socks, put them on, then put the dry wool socks on top of them & go to bed. This is another fever inducing method. Funny, but with Jade’s clinical experience he said he has seen it work. Crazy right?

Wish I had these tips when I was a little disease carrying machine.

  1. Julie says:

    good advice…don’t think I’d try the frozen socks…love the photo

  2. sciencebrah says:

    There are no studies supporting vitamin C intake while infected with a common rhinovirus – especially at an RDA of 3000mg.

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