My Unhealthy Eating and Solutions

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Don't be lazy, Don't get fat, Don't get sick, Get healthier, Put on muscle, Stay lean

There seems to be a misconception that all I eat is healthy food, ALL THE TIME. I recently was told that I may have orthorexia nervosa, and since I am no physician I immediately googled the shit. From what I understand, orthorexia nervosa is referred to as “an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating,” and can lead to malnutrition or even death (and that it’s not a medically recognized term). WTF? I was stunned. If I am giving off this impression, then I have to correct it right away.

The reason I started College Body was to give out useful information that other people my age can relate to. If I come off as a ridiculously healthy eater nobody is going to relate to me because the fact is that Chick Fila tastes good, to drink alcohol with friends is a good time, and my favorite food sure as hell is not asparagus.

I am by no means on a fitness model type diet, BUT what I think I do well is not let the shit I eat go towards fat storage and beer belly enhancing. Let me give you an example of my personal problems AND solutions, so you can understand that I do attempt to eat healthy a majority of the time, but by no means stick to it perfectly.

Problem #1: I love the movies, so I go a lot, and most of the time by myself. My issue? I love movie theater popcorn MORE than the movies, so I every time I go I order a popcorn. And I am not here to bullshit you, I order a large, with butter (extra), and yes, I eat it all.

Solution #1: It never fails, every time I leave the movies I feel sick as hell. My solution? I go workout like a mad man. I go strait to the gym, usually to do a HEAVY leg workout at a very high intensity, then go to the track and do sprints. Does this erase the 500g of carbs I just killed? HELL NO. It does however help to veer those carbohydrates towards muscle building rather than fat storage, and it helps increase my mood. I am not going to have a metabolism that runs at a ridiculous pace forever, so I might as well take advantage of it now.

Problem #2: I am Irish in ancestry, and proud to be (my dad wouldn’t let me not be proud, but I am regardless). So what comes with being an Irish man? We enjoy an occasional cocktail, or more than occasional. Maybe I am using being Irish as an excuse, but either way I like to go out and drink alcohol with my friends.

Solution #2: Every time I drink, I DESTROY bottles of water before I go to bed. I aim to kill about a liter before I lay down. This helps me so I don’t feel like shit the whole next day, and get nothing done. Then, I drink coconut water in the morning (or Gatorade) to get my electrolytes back to balance. Finally, instead of getting another $2 beer at last call, I save my last $2 and invest in a gallon water jug the next morning. All a hangover is is dehydration (combo of water depletion and mineral depletion), so if I am not dehydrated, how can I be hungover?

Problem #3: I am lazy when it comes to cooking, probably similar to some of you, so I love the idea of fast food. 1) It’s affordable 2) It’s freaking fast and 3) you don’t even have to leave your car to get it! 3-point play? Why yes, yes it is.

Solution #3: I made a decision a while ago that I will only go to certain places. I don’t do McDolanalds or Taco Bell anymore. There are only two places you will see me pull through, Chick Fila and Wendy’s. Those are my spots, so if either of those are not around I cannot get fast food. It is just something that I conditioned in my mind that McDonalds soggy buns, and Taco Bell’s fake meat gross me out. It takes a while to condition yourself, especially if you are like 98% of college kids that are addicted to fast food. So if I do end up at my spots, I always order something loaded with protein. Like a “baconator”from Wendy’s or 3 Chick Fila sandwhiches.

These are just some of my personal unhealthy tendencies. We are all different and have our own food issues. However, I do try to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle so I can have more energy throughout the day, live longer, and look sexier for the ladies. Since I attempt to live this healthy lifestyle I just put out tips that I think you guys may find useful because they work for me, but I do not want to come off as a “perfect eater” by any means because that is not the case. Would love to hear how you guys deal with your unhealthy tendencies! Shoot me an email ( or post them in the comments section of this blog.

Me crushing an ice cream. No big deal.Me Crushing an Ice Cream

  1. Matt Holub says:

    you da man DC

  2. Emma says:

    I love peanut butter. Hell, I love all kinds of nut butter, and to me, it tastes best on the spoon, straight out of the jar. I deal with it by keeping the jar at work. I’d feel really uncomfortable if my whole office watched me chow down on half a jar of PB, but of course, at home, there’s no-one there to watch me. If I finish a jar in three days (I’ve done it in less), I make myself wait a couple of weeks before buying a new one (and then try to make that one last a bit longer!) Best peanut butter ever? I Love Peanut Butter Cinnamon Raisin Swirl. They don’t sell it here in Australia so my travelling friends get a shopping list when they go to the states!

  3. Jill says:

    Oooohhhh!!! Emma I like your style. I am so happy to know I have the same love for peanut butter as someone else. Does it make me a bad girl…nope, only when I soften it and pour it on vanilla ice cream. After I devour that like a mad woman I head outdoors and start walking. Peanut Butter Co has the best tasting stuff but its not very healthy with all the added sugars that make it so addicting. I try not to buy it often. I hit McD’s and I admit I love it, now I limit my order to a fruit + maple oatmeal and a coffee(day or night). Filling and delicious. I’m not an oats kind of girl but they did something right when they came out with that!

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