Best Ab Exercise? Get Off your Ass and Sprint! How to.

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Don't be lazy, Stay lean

About two and a half months ago, my brother-in-law, and creator of Metabolic Effect told me “the best ab exercise you can do is sprints.” So since my first thought was “chicks like abs”, I figured I would give it a try. So I started a sprinting routine, and the changes in my abs have been unreal. My abs have began to pop out and my core is as strong as it has ever been. So I wanted to give you a little “how to” blog because I know everybody is down to get that six-pack.

Most colleges/universities have soccer fields, football fields, or some other big ass piece of grass available to the public. So the first step is to get off your ass and go out there. I usually make a playlist of around 5-10 songs that I get fired up to, and head out to the field. So here’s what to do, and shoot to do it 2-3 times per week!

1) Jog the first 20 yards

2) Sprint the next 60-70 yards

3) Jog the last 20 yards

4) Walk back to the beginning & repeat

*I usually do the first 2 at 50% speed, the next 2 at 75% speed, and then 8-10 balls out sprints. My 9th and 10th sprints will usually be 90-100 yards.

**Make sure to warm up first! If you just start running at blazing speeds there is a good chance you’ll pull a hamstring. Suggested warm-ups below (do each for 15-25 yards & then back the other way).

  • High/Scissor kicks
  • Heal/Butt kicks
  • Lunges
  • Jog
  • Karaoke/Cross-Over step
  • Side/slide step
  • Leg swings (hold onto wall and do 8-10 each leg)
  • High knees
  • Spinal twists
  1. […] 3) Sprinting-If  you have been following my blog, you know that I am big on sprints, and no so much on long duration, steady-state cardio. Not that long duration cardio is not healthy, it just isn’t my style, and doesn’t help with fat loss as much as it does for weight maintenance. Sprinting is awesome for sculpting the outer shell of your abs, the crest between the obliques and rectus abdominals. For the best results you have to let yourself fully recover between sprints, and go at 100%  speed. See my sprinting routine here. […]

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