Top 8 snacks to bring to class

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Get healthier, Stay lean

Everybody gets hungry walking around campus all day, so I would suggest bringing a couple snacks to eat throughout the day. However, if the first things that come to your mind are fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks, and Lays BBQ chips you might as well just say fuck the snacks and starve. You need snacks that will 1) Satisfy your hunger 2) help you put on lean muscle & 3) keep you energized throughout the day. So what I did for you is picked my top 8 snacks that I eat between my classes, that are easy to carry around, and quick eats on your way to your next class.

8. potatoes: This may sound weird as hell, but a potato is a great snack and easy to carry around. Just take a raw potato, poke holes in it with a fork, wash it off, throw it in the microwave for 4 minutes, and take it with you. Just eat it like you would an apple. Make sure you workout on the days you eat potatoes as a snack! They will give energy in the gym and contain clean carbohydrates to go towards muscle building.

7. banana: Bananas are another carbohydrate loaded snack that are really fast eats between classes. Just throw one in your backpack before you leave for class. Another awesome muscle building food, but make sure and get that high intensity workout!

*** For all my ladies who, when I say muscle building, think you will look like an adult guerrilla have it all wrong. You do not have the testosterone levels to get that big. It is important for both girls and guys to build muscle and burn fat which = sexy spring break bod.***

6. Shakes: Protein shake are awesome meal replacements for those days with 3 or 4 classes. I throw a scoop of whey protein into my shaker and roll with it. When I am ready to drink it I just fill it up at a water fountain, and it fills me up for a couple hours. My protein has 24g of protein and 4g of carbs per scoop which is awesome for putting on the LEAN muscle, which is ultimately what we all want, right?

5. cherries: Cherries are actually my night time snack. I like to make a cherry shake (throw cherries into a blender, fill water up to top of cherries, blend, & enjoy) right before I go to bed and after my workout for the day. Cherries are an awesome fruit for muscle building AND muscle recovery. You can also throw a handful of cherries into a bag and take them with you to class. I would suggest getting them with the pits already removed, and probably eating them in between classes rather than wiping out during lecture.

4. beef jerky: I rank beef jerky so high because it is probably the most tasty snack on this list. It is also one of those snacks high in protein and low in carbohydrates (good for that lean muscle). Just watch out how much you eat because it has about 2 months worth of your daily value of sodium. Lots of sodium = water retention = bloated.

3. grapefruit: Grapefruit, to me, is a pain in the ass to peel. However, it is a delicious fruit, and a great source of clean carbohydrates. The coolest thing about grapefruit though is that it is a snack that actually burns fat!

2. protein bar: Protein bars are awesome because there are so many options to chose from! I had a protein bar the other day called “chocolate covered strawberry” and tasted like a real chocolate covered strawberry! They are so easy to carry around that I usually pack 2 or 3 when I leave the house.  I recommend Zone Perfect, Think Thin, Balance, & Luna bars.

1. nuts: Now, for those of you that say “nuts have SOO much fat in them though!” you are absolutely correct. Remember though, its not the fats that will give you that beached whale look, its carbohydrates. Nuts are high in fats (which we DO need), and high in protein. Just throw some nuts into a sandwich bag and eat them throughout the day to stay full and energized!

Sub-in these snacks for you regular honey buns and please try and tell me you don’t feel full for longer and have more energy throughout the day. Also remember to be drinking that H2O throughout the day! Tweet me @CollegeBodyBlog and let me know what snacks you get at throughout the day!

  1. Brandon says:

    This is Perfect! My M/W/Th classes are so busy with 10-15 minutes to get to each class and I had no idea what I was going to do. Thanks!

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